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    Time to Test the Tester

    news-releasesBonfiglioli Engineering S.r.l.
    August 5th 2021

    International regulations require regular validation of automated inspection systems for pharmaceutical packaging. This crucial process guarantees machine effectiveness while protecting the end user. Typically the testing process is verified by using a damaged sample and checking that the sample is correctly identified as non-compliant.

    But challenges in the validation process can arise.

    Creating a damaged sample is not easy, especially when looking for holes measuring less than 55 microns. And the type of container – such as glass vials and flexible packaging – also creates a challenge.

    Other solutions are needed for products requiring greater precision such as pre-filled syringes, vials, and ampoules.

    Read about how Bonfiglioli Engineering has overcome these validation challenges and has created the solution that allows companies to perform self-diagnoses based on their own operating procedures.

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    Bonfiglioli Engineering, your trusted partner in packaging inspection.


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    Time to Test the Tester

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