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Tec4check and Vision Experts combine to offer end-to-end packaging quality checking

news-releasestec4check GmbH
July 21st 2014

Marburg, Germany: –Innovative German-based offline control systems specialist tec4check has joined forces with inline inspection system provider Vision Experts (VE) to develop an end-to-end quality control solution for pharmaceutical packaging.

The two partners have harnessed their combined portfolios to covers the whole range of packaging quality inspection from prepress up to final inspection of finished goods. Their joint solution particularly targets inspection of packaging inserts and folding boxes.

Tec4check’s managing partner, Dietrich Mägerlein, says the joint venture creates significant new value for customers in the pharma industry.

“With our combined systems we aim to span the whole range of quality assurance processes in the packaging line, from beginning to end. Our customers need control systems, that can guarantee security at all relevant steps of the process: from the prepress to the end of the process chain,“ declared Mr. Maegerlein.

Demonstration platform

The partners have also developed a shared presentation for their new platform that combines tec4check’s scanner-based system MediaCheck automated inspection system with VE’s 4000+ CARTON folding carton sorter. This means prospective clients can view the entire system in action at Vision Experts’ Karlsruhe showroom.

MediaCheck allows digital control of prepress and scanner-based sampling of all printed materials, while VE 4000+ CARTON checks and sorts the folding boxes after print and finishing. Similar integration can be applied to leaflet and insert production, with prepress data is compared against PDF design specimens and production entirely checked inline with the VE 4000+ LEAFLET inline system.

“We are sure that this new joint solution provides an attractive offer to our existing customers and also for new clients”,added Hans-Hermann Bibel, Managing Director of Vision Experts.

About Tec4check

Tec4check GmbH, based at Marburg, near Frankfurt-am-Main, is focused on the development of offline inspection systems for packaging providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company markets both stand-alone systems that run on PC platforms and workflow systems that use client/server-architecture.

Tec4check systems are used worldwide for pre-press proofing and package quality inspection.

The company is family-owned, along with its printing specialist stable mates, Pharma Druck of Dresden and Euker Marburg.

About Vision Experts

Karlsruhe-based Vision Experts GmbH (VE) is a specialist in comprehensive inspection in the production of premium-quality print products over the entire production process. The systems in its VE 4000+ family are used for total inspection of print and finishing quality in numerous industries.

Applications range from quality control of paper and to final inspection of the overall production result with 100% print image inspection. There are dedicated solutions available inside the VE 4000+ systems family, for digital, metal printing, leaflets, paper, flarm and flexible applications.

VE systems power more than 400 print inspection installations in some 20 countries worldwide.

T4C Meeting Image

Hans-Hermann Bibel, Managing Director, Vision Experts (L) and Dietrich Maegerlein, Managing Partner of tec4check, seal their collaboration agreement on 10th April, 2014

Media Contact

Dietrich Mägerlein, Managing Partner, Tec4check GmbH
Tel: +49 172 671 1918


Vision Experts GmbH:

Hans Dieter Hoffmann, Vision Experts GmbH
Tel: +49 721 978 3911


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