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MediaCheck Light – Single workstation solution

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September 23rd 2014

MediaCheck Light offers the same core artwork and text proofing power as Medium or Workflow, packaged in a small, easy-to-learn and cost-efficient single user package.

This starter package is designed for single workstation checking, focusing on sequential processing, one test at a time. This is a conventional stand-alone solution with a streamlined easy-to-use interface that guides the user through each step in the proofing process.

All versions of MediaCheck allow the comparison of multiple ups (multiple copies of the same reference or different references) that are automatically located, rotated and identified.

Versions and Expansion

MediaCheck Light is available in two versions:


In digital mode, MediaCheck Light Digital can be used to check and compare PDF files (source versus scanned image saved to PDF).


MediaCheck Light Professional can also be used to compare PDF files against ‘raw’ scanned images and other raster images.

While PDF files are intended to have the same appearance everywhere, a print on paper or other material is something very different from a computer file. The Professional version of MediaCheck Light allows the content of a PDF file to be compared against the scan of printed media. Our software filters out all format differences to isolate only the deviations from original prepress design.

MediaCheck Light can have the following expansion:

Multi-page Module

Both versions of MediaCheck Light accept the up-loadable MediaCheck expansion multi-page module designed for checking of booklets and leaflets. This allows multi-page PDF files to be compared against multiple samples in one single process.


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