SYSTAG to bring Swiss Scale-up Competence to InformEx 2014

Press Release – SYSTAG, System Technik AG
SYSTAG to bring Swiss Scale-up Competence to InformEx 2014


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Supplier Press Release: SYSTAG to bring Swiss Scale-up Competence to InformEx 2014
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JANUARY 09, 2014

SYSTAG to bring Swiss Scale-up Competence to InformEx 2014

Rüschlikon (Zürich): – Fine chemicals and pharmaceutical process automation specialist SYSTAG System Technik AG will partner with two other Switzerland-based partners at InformEx 2014 to showcase their ‘Swiss Scale-Up Competence’ package as a turnkey solution for expanding production from laboratory to full scale.

SYSTAG will share Booth 1045, Hall C, at the exhibition for one of the world’s leading events for the chemicals-based industries with partners Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis, contract manufacturer for hazardous reactions, and BüchiGlasUster AG, who supply reactor vessels in laboratory and pilot scales.

“We believe our joint venture will be of huge interest to InformEx 2014 as providing integrated solutions for ramping up processes from gram to kilogram scale,” said Marcel Haugg, SYSTAG’s International Sales Manager.

“In this collaboration, SYSTAG contributes its world-class expertise in process automation technology. Accordingly, we will be exhibiting FlexyPAT controlled lab reactors, FlexyCUBE for handling parallel process development (DoE, QbD), FlexyPlant plant control system and FlexyTSC thermal process safety package along with FlexySys and SysGraph software as products that assist process optimization and scale-up. “With our new PHS-Parallel Hydrogenation Systems – also forming part of the mix,” said Mr. Haugg.

Mr. Haugg revealed that SYSTAG would use the InformEx show to launch its brand new Parallel Hydrogenation System for high-pressure applications.

American Audience
“We are very excited about our first visit to this impressive and well-established event. This provides us with a great opportunity to reach out to an American audience of research chemists in R&D in agro, chemical, pharma and other industries, as well as heads of safety laboratories, to demonstrate new approaches to complex problems in the fields of process research and process optimization, scale-up and subsequent thermal process safety. Our systems have real relevance for Design of Experiments (DoE), Quality by Design (QbD) and Reaction Calorimetry,” said Mr. Haugg.

Swiss-based SYSTAG (System Technik AG) specializes in providing complete solutions for the automation of chemical process development. SYSTAG products and systems use purpose-developed software and hardware components. The company’s products include reaction calorimeters for the determination of thermal safety data of safety-critical chemical processes and laboratory automation systems for process development and automation to scale-up level.

SYSTAG’s specialization and expertise in advanced and consistent process automation solutions has made it a preferred partner of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers systems that enhance efficiency and safety at every key stage from development through piloting to production control technology, including all chemical process development aspects, associated thermal safety inspections and scale-up.

Founded in 1965, the company is headquartered at Rüschlikon, near Zurich, with a German subsidiary, System Technik Deutschland GmbH, based near Frankfurt, and worldwide distribution by different international Laboratory solution providers.

About InformEx
InformEx is a high prestige event that offers participants a direct view of what is happening globally across the fine, specialty and custom chemical markets. The event brings together an international mix of buyers and sellers of high value chemistry for four days of sourcing, education & networking. The 2014 event marks InformEx’s 30th birthday and is being held January 21-24, 2014 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, Florida, USA.

More than 3,500 delegates and some 450 suppliers will attend the event, representing twelve different industry groups, including agrochemicals, life sciences and biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and consumer goods.

The exhibition, organized by UBM Live, is complemented by a comprehensive conference program as well as extensive networking events.

SYSTAG, System Technik AG
Mike Mandlehr, CEO
Tel: +41 (0)44 704 54 54

For more information about SYSTAG to bring Swiss Scale-up Competence to InformEx 2014, please contact SYSTAG directly.

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