SYSTAG teams with Buchiglas in the USA

SYSTAG teams with Buchiglas in the USA


Press Release | SYSTAG, System Technik AG

MAY 09, 2015

Rüschlikon, Zürich: – Fine chemicals and pharmaceutical process automation specialist System Technik AG (SYSTAG) has announced an expansion and upgrading of its representation in North America.

SYSTAG has teamed up with Buchiglas USA Corp as its new distributor for the US market.

“This move will allow us to offer faster and more responsive support to our customers in North America,” said SYSTAG CEO, Mike Mandlehr.

The distribution agreement with Buchiglas USA is made possible by SYSTAG’s long established co-operation with Swiss parent company Büchi AG.


Büchi Glas Uster is a leading worldwide supplier of pressure reactors, pilot reactors, pilot plants, and corrosion-resistant process equipment for production and R&D in the chemical and pharma industries.

SYSTAG and Büchi Glas have collaborated on a number of development and engineering projects, notably customized automation projects for pressure application, or the joint venture development of the Büchi Glas Uster PPR Parallel Pressure Reactor high-pressure hydrogenation system.

“Our partnership with Büchi Glas makes sense on so many levels,” said Mr. Mandlehr.

“Both of us are Swiss-based companies with similar philosophy, customized equipment, high quality standards that treasure long-term relationships with clients. There is brilliant synergy between Büchi Glas specialism in engineering and construction of plant and pressure with SYSTAG’s expertise and capabilities in laboratory and plant automation,” he commented.


Swiss-based SYSTAG (System Technik AG) specializes in providing complete solutions for the lab automation and process optimization of chemical development. SYSTAG products and systems use purpose-developed software and hardware components. The company’s products include reaction calorimeters for the determination of thermal safety data of safety-critical chemical processes and laboratory automation systems for process development and automation to scale-up level.

SYSTAG’s specialization and expertise in advanced and consistent process automation solutions has made it a preferred partner of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers systems that enhance efficiency and safety at every key stage from development through piloting to production control technology, including all chemical process development aspects, associated thermal safety inspections and scale-up. Core specialisms include hydrogenation, pressure vessels, autoclave, calorimetry and thermal screening.

Founded in 1965, the company is headquartered at Rüschlikon, near Zurich, with a German subsidiary, System Technik GmbH, based near Frankfurt.

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