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SYSTAG showcases Swiss scale-up expertise at InformEx 2015

news-releasesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
January 27th 2015

Rüschlikon, Zürich: – Fine chemicals and pharmaceutical process automation specialist System Technik AG (SYSTAG) will use its repeat appearance at the forthcoming InformEx 2015 event in New Orleans to showcase the role of its ‘Flexy’ RADEX and Parallel Pressure Reactor (PPR) systems to allow laboratories to scale up operations more easily.

SYSTAG’s innovative systems like FlexyCUBE and FlexyPAT controlled lab reactors and FlexyPlant plant control systems are designed to provide easy scale up in F&E for chemical engineering, process optimization and thermal process safety. This range of tools and equipment are also designed to make laboratory processes more reliable, more economical and safer.

Swiss scale up

SYSTAG’s stand at Booth 1623A in New Orleans’ at the Ernest Morial Convention Center will include real time live demonstrations of systems in action.

SYSTAG will share the stand with fellow Swiss-based specialists BüchiGlasUster, maker of stirred laboratory autoclave High Pressure Reactor Systems and Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis, specialist in hazardous and toxic fine chemicals. Collectively they will demonstrate the power of “Swiss Scale-Up Competence” to transform operations from pilot to full production.

“Our customers and prospective partners place a premium on cutting down their time to market with faster and safer scale-up from milligram to tons,” said SYSTAG CEO, Mike Mandlehr.

Professional audience

“Together we have more than 200 years combined experience in producing equipment, design of reactors and producing fine chemicals and APIs,“ said Mr. Mandlehr.

“We attended InformEx last year and were highly impressed with the event’s scale and reach. We made contact with many of our core customers: the bench scientists, Chief Scientific Officers, Heads of Research & Development, Laboratory Managers and Senior Scientists that spend their time working out how to make their laboratories and plants run to peak efficiency.”

“We’ll be looking to talk to more of these professionals this time round,” Mr. Mandlehr added.


Swiss-based SYSTAG (System Technik AG) specializes in providing complete solutions for the lab automation and process optimization of chemical development. SYSTAG products and systems use purpose-developed software and hardware components. The company’s products include reaction calorimeters for the determination of thermal safety data of safety-critical chemical processes and laboratory automation systems for process development and automation to scale-up level.

SYSTAG’s specialization and expertise in advanced and consistent process automation solutions has made it a preferred partner of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers systems that enhance efficiency and safety at every key stage from development through piloting to production control technology, including all chemical process development aspects, associated thermal safety inspections and scale-up. Core specialism’s include hydrogenation, pressure vessels, autoclave, calorimetry and thermal screening.
Founded in 1965, the company is headquartered at Rüschlikon, near Zurich, with a German subsidiary, System Technik GmbH, based near Frankfurt.

About InformEx 2015

InformEx is a high prestige event that offers participants a unique American opportunity to experience educational resources and business partnering opportunities for buyers and sellers of fine, specialty and custom chemistry. The event brings together an international mix of buyers and sellers of high value chemistry for four days of sourcing, education & networking. The 2015 event is being held February 3-5 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.

More than 3,000 attendees and some 450 suppliers will attend the event, representing twelve different industry groups, including agrochemicals, life sciences and biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and consumer goods.

For the first time, the 2015 event will offer a tiered badge pricing structure, which increases accessibility for attendees with varying business and networking goals. Other innovations include a focused show floor layout and tailored show schedule.

The 2015 conference also will provide innovation-focused education sessions that lend expert guidance to ongoing industry changes. Sessions will spotlight innovation and opportunities in rapidly growing fields such as green chemistry, shale gas, personalized medicine and 3D printing.

A comprehensive conference program as well as extensive networking events complements the exhibition, organized by UBM Live.

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