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    SYSTAG RemoteX mobile application process control

    products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
    November 27th 2020

    SYSTAG recently-introduced RemoteX is a mobile device application that allows users roaming access to real time process data.

    The platform-independent web browser based application for smart phones and tablets allows wireless control and monitoring of process parameters and central oversight of non-attended controlled laboratory reactors and synthesis workstations.

    This future-oriented solution allows reduced IT in the laboratory, freeing up bench space, and paves the way to NextGen laboratory workstation concepts.

    FlexySys integration

    The key technological innovation behind RemoteX is its revolutionary integration of mobile devices into the FlexySys control architecture that drives all of SYSTAG’s laboratory automation systems, using remote access via VPN. This allows devices to exchange data with FlexySys over local area networks (LAN) or via wireless Access Point.

    This wired and wireless access allows greater flexibility over positioning of the FlexySys host PC, freeing laboratory space, and also allows independently operated workstations to interconnect with the central computer.

    Using a Single License, one mobile device can control all reactors within the FlexySys network. A Multi-User License allows several phones or tablets to control the system in parallel. Defined users with user accounts can then monitor or access every part of the system even when distributed across multiple labs or workgroups.

    Convenient working

    The browser-based RemoteX interface seamlessly integrates into existing FlexySys dashboard working conventions, allowing all process parameters to be grouped with drag and drop operations. User can exercise total overview over the entire system by swiping between different plant dashboards, configuring a ‘master diagram’ that keeps the user informed about what is happening in each part of the process. The RemoteX mobile device can then be used to exercise control over all functions, including temperature, pressure, and recipes, allowing these to be configured, started or stopped as required.

    An image logging facility allows the onboard phone or tablet camera to be used for visual logging with images that can be archived with comments. As with FlexySys, all RemoteX interventions are logged, recorded and added to the ongoing E-Journal.


    Click on SYSTAG RemoteX mobile application for process control for product sheet.


    Automation for Lab Reactor, Scale-up, Calorimetry

    SYSTAG RemoteX mobile application process control

    SYSTAG RemoteX allows multiple users remote access to integrated laboratory
    process operations via FlexySys

    SYSTAG RemoteX mobile application process control

    RemoteX is one of a suite of modular control and monitoring extensions to FlexySys control software

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