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    SYSTAG CollectX: Transforming data into knowledge

    products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
    April 8th 2022

    Specialist in automation and laboratory scale chemistry SYSTAG has developed the software tool CollectX to provide a universal interface that allows direct data connection from reactor systems to laboratory informatics.

    This will allow researchers to leverage amassed data into applied knowledge through structuring, analysis and archiving while preserving data security for regulatory compliance.

    Data storage

    Knowledge is the new gold, turning secure data storage and exchange into tangible business advantages. Diversified and redundant storage strategies are required to guarantee ready access and absolute integrity of the valuable database.

    CollectX’s advanced data archiving solutions enable researchers to automatically transfer all process-relevant data in real-time or batch fashion to a higher-level informatics tool. The integrated data generated in this way can be retrieved at any time and from any location.

    Data structuring

    Data are only as useful as the degree to which they can be structured and filtered for meaningful analysis.

    CollectX allows raw data to be stored, compiled and structured to yield meaningful  information. It offers crucial overviews over large data sets while filtering for relevant information and optimized search options.

    Data analysis

    Data are only valuable when they can be re-presented and applied in focused ways to turn them into useful information.

    SYSTAG has used its scientific experience and IT know-how to develop an advanced and standardized interface for data analysis.

    The user-friendly infrastructure of the platform allow the researcher to extract high-level and statistical values, create graphical reports, or, thanks to bidirectional communication, control the process depending on other available data/information (Insuit process analysis).

    CollectX modes and features

    CollectX can be run in two modes:

    • Live: Experimental data are transferred at the time of acquisition with user-defined logging rate
    • Batch: Experimental data are transferred after batch completion

    The package’s features include:

    • Transfer of process-, journal-, and recipe-data such as alarms and event frames. Time markers can be set manually or automatically
    • Secured data transfer through queues buffering
    • Data pre-processing, structuring and declaration (e.g., automatic generation of event frames or other user-defined time markers)
    • Weighting scale connection for recording of manual dosimetry
    • Importation of ELN data to generate a list of educts available to the user as drop down selection menu

    CollectX Compatibility

    CollectX is compatible with any database system featuring an ODBC interface. Other data processing systems can be connected using a standard OPC client interface.

    CollectX can be installed on any SYSTAG system featuring FlexySys 3.1 and above.

    Data transfer to the target system as well as their formulation is customizable according to user-specific infrastructure and needs.


    Click on CollectX deal time data link to download product flyer.


    Automation for Lab Reactor, Scale-up, Calorimetry

    SYSTAG CollectX: Transforming data into knowledge

    SYSTAG’s CollectX software interface collects lab reactor and FlexySys control data and makes them available to any target informatics system or application.

    SYSTAG CollectX: Transforming data into knowledge

    Typical CollectX target system and interface configurations deployed by SYSTAG customers.

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