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    SYSTAG batch reactor control

    products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
    January 28th 2022

    SYSTAG offers a wide range of tailor made batch reactor systems for laboratory scale as well as small scale production  meet the specific challenges of pharmaceutical process scale-up in being able to transfer a reaction process developed in the laboratory at milliliter or gram scale to a batch reactor.

    Key elements beside an intuitive process control software in maintaining control of the batch reaction process is the thermal potential of a synthesis process. Both provided by the SYSTAG FlexyConcept for batch reactors.

    Process Transfer solutions

    In pharmaceutical process development, the aim is to transfer processes from lab scale reactors into 25 liter pilot scale, as efficiently and reproducibly as possible. However, where this scale-up involves different laboratories, in fully diversified plants, there is the risk that crucial data and information will be lost, slowing development and approval.

    Integrated automation of laboratory reactors from the smallest scale up to the kilo-batch on one and the same IT platform is therefore enormously helpful in more efficient batch control and tech transfer.

    FlexyConcept from SYSTAG provides a uniquely integrated solution with all data available across the process and able to be displayed at the click of a mouse in a single chart, whether from milliliter or kilogram scale.

    FlexySys platforms

    At the heart of the FlexyConcept architecture is the FlexySys application software that can be used to drive a variety of different reactor systems on the same PC or server-linked network.

    These may include:

    • FlexyCUBE: A 70ml lab system that allows up to six reactors to be operated in parallel with automated control of stirrer speeds, temperature and pH levels etc.
    • FlexyPAT: A 2L first stage scale up (x20) specification reactor system that adds automation of pressure measurement, vacuum and venting controls as well.
    • ChemReactor: 25lt kilo lab second stage scale up (x10) system that can be used to confirm quality and robustness of process to cGMP/ CFR 21 Part 11-standards for compliant qualification for production and also as a multifunctional production plant for small batches of active ingredients.

    FlexySys advantages

    FlexySys delivers a unique combination of process research, process development and scale-up capability, allowing process engineers to undertake complete synthesis and scale-up of the entire process using the same plant. Seamless data exchange and recording allows different reaction variables to be compared easily and quickly, while drag & drop functionality allows automation steps or complete recipes to be intuitively transferred from one reactor to another.

    FlexySys integrated control provides a series of benefits, including:

    • Minimum need for operator training with maximum operational acceptance.
    • Facility for remote operation and monitoring from any PC or mobile device on the network
    • Increased safety
    • Ease of use
    • More efficient space utilization
    • Maximization of throughput from individual processing steps.


    Click on Parallel Process Development and Scale up by Factor of 300 for pharmaceutical industry case study.
    Click on SYSTAG FlexyPlant specific laboratory automation solutions  to download product bulletin.


    Automation for Lab Reactor, Scale-up, Calorimetry

    SYSTAG batch reactor control

    SYSTAG’s FlexyConcept architecture covers the entire spectrum of process development and scale up.

    SYSTAG batch reactor control

    FlexyCUBE – Parallel Synthesis Workstation

    SYSTAG batch reactor control

    FlexySys user interface integrates control of multiple reactor systems

    SYSTAG batch reactor control

    SYSTAG ChemReactor 25lt installation

    SYSTAG batch reactor control

    SYSTAG FlexyPAT – Controlled Lab Reactor

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