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SYSTAG process automation tools


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SYSTAG has developed a range of sophisticated solutions for process automation in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

SYSTAG process automation tools combine technically relevant technologies with scientifically optimum solutions that benefit from experience in programming control systems, development of microprocessor systems and in databank and network architectures.

These range from modular systems to speed chemical reaction analysis under laboratory conditions to turnkey solutions for the construction of kilo-lab scale plants.

FlexyCUBE – Parallel process development tool

FlexyCUBE is a modular tool engineered to suit all laboratory reactor automation needs. It allows laboratories to use autonomous operation of multiple parallel reactor units from a single PC, using SYSTAG’s proven Windows 7/XP-based software that can manage recipe-controlled automation of experiments.

FlexyCUBE includes all necessary tools and functions to enable users to simulate complex standalone and parallel chemical synthesis reactions, including hydrogenation, Grignard or Friedel-Crafts reactions, acetylation, nitration and esterification.

It offers a very wide range of applications, with projects being controlled individually or in parallel, for Design of Experiment (DoE) projects.

FlexyCUBE features

The FlexyCUBE reactor unit performs all the core functions demanded by synthesis and screening laboratories:

  • 10 to 400 ml working volume
  • PC-based run control program allows up to six reactors to operate in parallel
  • Gravimetric or volumetric dosing (through use of balance, pump and/or solenoid valve)
  • Ability to run overnight unattended
  • Accurate reactor or jacket-based temperature control using single thermostat
  • Exchangeable vessels

Each FlexyCUBE occupies a small footprint and is capable of operating unattended over extended periods. Data logging is assured with consistent automatic journaling, compatible with MS Word® or Excel® (csv format).

FlexyCUBE also offers integrated calibration tools to safeguard quality- relevant signals, alarm and event recording to assist service and support, which can be done remotely via Internet.

SYSTAG has expanded FlexyCUBE’s abilities with a range of new options that include uder definable email alerts, WebCam module to capture event-triggered images, engine hour indicator, high torque stirrer and reactant feet by solenoid valve.

FlexyPAT – Process Automation Tool for chemical synthesis

The FlexyPAT Process Automation Tool is a versatile modular reactor system that enables laboratories to implement customer-specific laboratory chemical automated synthesis reactor systems very cost effectively, integrating easily with existing devices to reduce cost, speed up the automation process and increase user acceptance.

Alternatively, FlexPAT can be used as a stand-alone tool; making automated lab chemical synthesis reaction available as a product-based turnkey system. In this mode, FlexyPAT’s innovative easy management tools make it an ideal ‘on-demand’ solution for rotating contract laboratories – supporting ad-hoc client applications and quick uptake of spare capacity.

FlexyPAT Features

Based on double jacketed reactors, FlexyPAT can form the heart of customized turn-key systems that allow several parallel chemical synthesis reactors to be operated from a single PC. The modular concept allows easy up scaling and system extension, combined with SYSTAG’s proprietary flexible connection (fConnect) concept that allows easy integration of existing customer-owned hardware.

The standard FlexyPAT unit features:

  • User-friendly system configuration via integrated sensor identification
  • Gravimetric or volumetric dosing
  • Manual and recipe controls
  • Recipe control and data capture with automatic laboratory report

FlexyPAT applications

FlexyPAT supports a wide range of typical applications including process analysis, morphology and thermal-physical processes.

  • Automatic distillation with reflux splitter or boiling point detection
  • Ethoxylation in combination with Büchi autoclave
  • Continuous Polymerization with heat flow calorimetry and automatic N2 inertization
  • Crystallization optimization including turbidity, pH and conductivity measurements, double gravimetric dosages and WebCam with time-controlled picture recording.
  • Crystallization and drying with tracking by turbidity and integrated particle size analyzer and Integrated drying process by vacuum dryer with temperature logging
  • Automated hydrogenation by MFC mass-flow controller or deltaP pressure change, featuring fully-automated recipe control and data acquisition

FilDry Filtering and Drying optimization

FilDry can be used to develop optimized filtration and drying processes, simulating agitated filter dryer or paddle dryer modes.

FilDry features
Standard FilDry features include:

  • Filtration through controlled excess nitrogen pressure
  • Washing of the filter cake by displacement or suspension washing
  • Dual purpose stirrer with vertical adjustment
  • Logging of all physical process data
  • Tracking of filtration speed by weighing mother liquid (for calculation of filtration constant)
  • Tracking of the drying process by weighing the recondensed solvent
  • Manual or recipe-controlled process management
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn drag and drop recipe editor
  • Automatic journaling in MS Word
  • Worldwide remote support via Internet

Calo2310 ‘All in One’ Reaction Calorimeter

SYSTAG’s Calo2310 allows reaction calorimetry without compromises, combining heat flow and heat balance reaction to enhance the reliability of results. It operates independent of heat transfer coefficient and thus remains calibration-free (HBC). SYSTAG’s automated ‘Zero Watt’ technology eliminates baseline insecurities, even for highly complex reaction mechanisms.

Calo2310 Features
Other standard features include:

  • Evaluation calculation independent of thermostat, even if cooling power is insufficient
  • Highly process-oriented reaction control enabling true scale-up or scale-down for all types of reactors
  • Isothermal and non-isothermal reaction control
  • Isoperibol reaction control
  • Adiabatic reaction control
  • Continuous evaluation right through to reflux
  • Gravimetric as well as manual dosing, even of solids, always temperature-compensated
  • Automatic Cp determination
  • Constant overall heat balance in the reactor and reflux condenser
  • pH measurements and control

FlexyTSC – Adiabatic Safety Calorimeter

Flexy TSC allows thermal analysis under adiabatic conditions for more effective safety calorimetry, determining all data needed before inspection.

It conducts thermal analysis within multi-gram range making it suitable for non-homogeneous samples right through to distillation residue.

No specific sample preparation is necessary. FlexyTSC guarantees reproducible objective analyses even under adiabatic conditions.

The system accepts a wide selection of sample vessels for comprehensive analyses – with pressure or gas measurement, inert or active gas.

FlexyTSC Features

Standard features include:

  • Handles individual analysis or up to six analyses in parallel
  • Suitable for liquids or solids; raw materials or intermediates
  • Dynamic measurement for detecting onset and decomposition enthalpy
  • Isothermal multi-step experiment to assess autocatalytic decomposition
  • Long-term isothermal measurement to verify storage and transportation stability
  • Adiabatic measurement to determine SADT data
  • Heat-wait-search and adiabatic measurement to calculate TMR (time to maximum rate), self-heating rate and activation energy
  • Open or closed glass vessel measurements
  • Simulates full run-away scenarios

FlexyPlant is SYSTAG’s range of customized solutions for kilo lab automation, speeding project planning, implementation and commissioning.

FlexyPlant offers a range of total turn-key solutions (plants, sensors and fittings) constructed in collaboration with proven partners and represents SYSTAG’s response to the stringent demands imposed on the automation of kilo lab and pilot plants with reactors up to 250 liters. In these plants, material amounts used require almost production levels of process management and safety concept, with the operating team able to respond quickly and flexibly to any deviations from expected process.

These solutions are also applicable to particular problem situations in chemical process technology, e.g. polymerization, hydrogenation and the thermal separation of substances.

FlexyPlant solutions are all based on the FlexySys automation concept developed specifically for chemical process research. The FlexySys process control system combines the flexibility of manual operation with the safety, reliability and reproducibility of a recipe-controlled plant.

FlexyPlant features
FlexyPlant solutions offer a range of consistent features that include:

  • Consistent ‘look and feel’ control systems – from FlexyCUBE (multi-gram) via laboratory scale-up (FlexyPAT) to multi-kilogram plants
  • Automation of special apparatus, e.g. rectification units, hydrogenation autoclaves, polymerisation plants etc
  • Consistent operating concept from laboratory to pilot plant
  • Automatic data capture and reporting
  • Qualification in compliance with cGMP
  • Conforms to CFR 21 Part 11

PPR – Parallel High-Pressure Screening and Development Unit

The SYSTAG Parallel Pressure Reactor (PPR), developed in collaboration with partner BüchiGlasUster, provides an innovative and effective solution for hydrogenations and catalyst screening.

The unit speeds up research and development by offering high reproducibility across a wide range of reactions, including carbonylation by CO or CO2, decarboxylation ,Friedel-Crafts-Acylation , and general gas reactions by constant flow (CO, CO2, Ethylen, O2, NO).

Optionally, it can also be used for ethoxylations.

PPR is a particularly useful tool in Design of Experiments (DoE) and Quality by Design (QbD).

PPR Features

  • Between one and six reactors
  • Volume: 50 to 300 ml
  • Temperature range: -20°C to 300°C
  • Pressure: 100 bar
  • Parallel (catalyst screening) or individual operation mode
  • Gas or liquid dosing
  • Automated sampling system
  • Batch or semi-batch operation


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