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    SYSTAG pilot plant control systems

    products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
    January 15th 2021

    As a specialist in automation and laboratory scale chemistry, SYSTAG can provide precisely tailored pilot scale automation solutions that meet the specific challenges of scale-up in pharmaceutical and chemical reactor processes.

    Precise, responsive and integrated SYSTAG control and automation systems meet the needs of pre-commercial pilot plants needed to prove new production processes for industrial scale up or produce small volumes of innovative products for testing purposes. These plants require that all knowledge and data acquired at lab scale can be seamlessly transferred into design and control of full-scale multi-litre or multi-kilogram production systems.

    SYSTAG pilot scale solutions

    The SYSTAG approach to the challenges of pilot scale proving and production rest on three main technology pillars; FlexyPlant, SYSTAG Automation and FlexySys software architecture. These can work hand-in-hand to provide fully integrated and precisely tailored solutions.

    FlexyPlant automated process management

    FlexyPlant is the logical continuation of a SYSTAG reactor control chain that begins with FlexyCUBE parallel process optimization for bench-scale Design of Experiments (DoE) in the laboratory and extends through FlexyPAT flexible reactor automation for synthesis, kilo lab or mini plant. FlexyPlant extends the same basic concepts and technologies to provide customized solutions for full automation of kilo lab and pilot plants, as well as special reactors and reactor systems.

    SYSTAG’s specialized experience in chemical process technology sector allows FlexyPlant to offers optimised solutions for automated process management in running pilot prototype campaigns and overcoming specific chemical process technology challenges, such as polymerizations, hydrogenations or thermal separation of substances.

    SYSTAG Automation

    SYSTAG Automation division develops innovative concepts and architectures for the automation of chemical processes. Its many years of experience with high-level information systems, support during FDA approvals and the provision of complex problem solutions using PLC systems such as Siemens S7, makes SYASTAG Automation a preferred partner for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

    SYSTAG Automation has implemented projects across a very wide range of application areas including process control systems, pilot plants, material flow monitoring, personnel access controls and registration, and API grinding and mixing centers.

    FlexySys Controlled Lab Reactor Software

    The FlexySys operating system provides a user-friendly and intuitive automation technology interface for any chemical synthesis laboratory, pilot plant or industrial reactor installation.

    FlexySys provides:

    An intuitive plant synoptic that can be operated by all personnel, not just specialists Predefined operating procedures for simple and safe ‘Ready, Steady, Go’ operation.

    Clear real-time illustration of system status that provides maximum visibility and control

    Editable online charts for value-added illustration and visualization of process

    Automatic and continuous documentation that recognizes the demands of regulatory standards for a comprehensive audit trail

    At a glance display of all system parameters, with built in alerts and safeguards for maximum control and safety.


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    Click on SYSTAG FlexyPlant specific laboratory automation solutions  to download product bulletin.
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    Automation for Lab Reactor, Scale-up, Calorimetry

    SYSTAG pilot plant control systems

    FlexyPlant provides specific solutions for automation of kilo lab and pilot plants up to 250L scale

    SYSTAG pilot plant control systems

    SYSTAG FlexyPAT reactor automation system covers a broad range of laboratory and pilot scale automation needs

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