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    SYSTAG Laboratory Automation Solutions

    products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
    October 2nd 2020

    SYSTAG is a specialist in automation and laboratory scale chemistry that can and provide precisely tailored chemical laboratory automation solutions that meet the specific challenges of pilot scale development, production and qualification.

    SYSTAG’s ‘automatically better’ user-friendly and application-oriented solutions allow demanding tasks to be performed more easily and efficiently during the development, production and qualification of chemical processes.

    Flexy Concept automated laboratory control solutions

    SYSTAG’s approach to laboratory automation solutions is defined within its overall Flexy Concept architecture that provides a flexible and adaptable technology interface for automated lab reactor and chemical process control across an almost limitless range of applications and processes.

    The Flexy Concept can control and automate a range of applications that include Controlled Lab Reactors (CLR), Thermal Process Safety (TPS) and Plant Control Systems (PCS).

    For laboratory chemical process automation, the Flexy concept contains two core components:

    • FlexySys: an automation process control system developed specifically for chemical process research, combining the flexibility of manual operation with the safety, reliability and reproducibility of a recipe-controlled plant. It is also suitable for special problem situations in chemical process technology, e.g. polymerisation, hydrogenation and the thermal separation of substances.
    • FlexyPlant: SYSTAG’s response to the particular demands imposed on the automation of kilo lab and pilot plants, where the amounts of materials used require almost the level of process management of a production operation, together with a suitable safety concept that enables swift response to unexpected events or deviations.

    FlexyPlant features and benefits

    FlexyPlant can provide customized approaches to the complete automation of kilo lab scale plants with reactor sizes up to 250 liters, using total turn-key solutions for plants, sensors and fittings in collaboration with proven partners.

    Features include a consistent ‘Look and Feel’ across all control systems, ranging from FlexyCUBE control of lab scale multi-gram reactors via laboratory scale-up using FlexyPAT controller to multi-kilo lab reactor plants. FlexyPlant also enables automation of special apparatus, such as rectification units, hydrogenation laboratory autoclaves, polymerization plants, etc.

    FlexyPlant delivers useful benefits, including:

    • Consistent operating concept from laboratory to pilot plant
    • Automatic data capture and reporting
    • Qualification in compliance with cGMP
    • Conformance to CFR 21 Part 11 data requirements

    Lab automation reactor control systems

    SYSTAG’s three main lab automation solutions are the FlexyCube and FlexyPAT reactor systems, together with the ePAT multiple reactor control system.

    • FlexyCUBE: this parallel process optimization system allows up to six steel or jacketed glass reactors to be independently controlled from a single PC, using parallel design of experiment (DoE) or individual operation. Its control system allows control via manual operation or programmed recipe with data capture, automatic laboratory report, recording of alarms or events, and global support through internet remote access. A wide range of extension possibilities, together with ability to operate through temperatures ranging from -80°C to +280°C and up to 100 bar pressures makes FlexyCUBE ideal for high productivity, accurate experiments, DoE applications and scale-up applications from pilot plant lab reactor for rapid and high-quality process development.
    • FlexyPAT: this individual reactor lab automation solution allows several jacketed reactor vessels to be operated from a single PC as customized turn-key systems, facilitating integration of existing legacy hardware to reduce cost, speed up the automation process and increase user acceptance. The FlexyPAT concept allows simple and inexpensive system extension with user-friendly system configuration through integrated sensor identification to encompass a very wide range of possible expansion or tailoring options.
    • ePAT: this automated lab control system combines Plug & Play interconnectability with exceptional ease of operation in control an almost unlimited number of jacketed chemical reactors in the laboratory, allowing integration of a wide array of laboratory devices and providing a quick, easy and inexpensive entry route into automation technology, allowing users to optimize their pilot plant lab reactor synthesis and processes for both scale-up and scale-down.


    Click on SYSTAG FlexyPlant specific laboratory automation solutions  to download product bulletin.


    Your partner in Chemical Development

    SYSTAG Laboratory Automation Solutions
    SYSTAG Laboratory Automation Solutions
    SYSTAG Laboratory Automation Solutions
    SYSTAG Laboratory Automation Solutions

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