SYSTAG automated laboratory reactor systems

SYSTAG automated laboratory reactor systems


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SYSTAG has developed revolutionary modular tools that automate and scale up a wide range of chemical reactions under laboratory conditions.

FlexyCUBE offers manual or automated control of single or multiple reactions at a time with volumes from 70ml to 400ml in jacketed reactors, flasks or vials. FlexyCUBE applications include automated synthesis, calorimetry, process optimization, crystallization control, automated addition or pH control, high pressure reactions, parallel chemical synthesis reactor operations and much more.

FlexyPAT provides modular and flexible Process Automation Technology (PAT) that can provide both stand-alone automated lab reactor solutions up to kilo scale as well as integrating and automating existing customer-owned reactors.

FlexyCUBE – Modular automated laboratory reactor

FlexyCUBE is a modular tool engineered to suit all laboratory reactor automation needs. It allows laboratories to use autonomous operation of multiple parallel reactor units from a single PC, using SYSTAG’s proven Windows 7/XP-based software that can manage recipe-controlled automation of experiments.

FlexyCUBE includes all necessary tools and functions to enable users to simulate complex standalone and parallel chemical synthesis reactions, including hydrogenation, Grignard or Friedel-Crafts reactions, acetylation, nitration and esterification.

It offers a very wide range of applications, with projects being controlled individually or in parallel, for Design of Experiment (DoE) projects.

The FlexyCUBE reactor unit performs all the core functions demanded by synthesis and screening laboratories:

  • Gravimetric dosing (through use of balance, pump and/or solenoid valve)
  • Accurate reactor or jacket-based temperature control
  • Optimal stirring efficiency
  • Single-sided (standard) or optional double-sided pH control, with or without mass detection
  • Fractional distillation capability
  • Optimal crystallization performance
  • Safe hydrogenation
  • Easy inertization
  • Simplified calorimetry

These functions can be run autonomously, using a single reactor unit under manual control or using multiple units in parallel under a PC-based run-control program that can manage recipe-controlled experiments.

Each FlexyCUBE occupies a small footprint and is capable of operating unattended over extended periods. Data logging is assured with consistent automatic journaling, compatible with MS Word® or Excel® (csv format).

FlexyCUBE also offers integrated calibration tools to safeguard quality- relevant signals, alarm and event recording to assist service and support, which can be done remotely via Internet.

FlexyCUBE offers a strong series of benefits:

Simplified handling
Reactors are easily detached from the shared heating/cooling system, allowing the user to quickly swap reactors or employ them for further experiments. The two-part reactor approach with hermetically separated temperature jacket eliminates troublesome emptying and filling of the temperature control system and messy dripping of the heating/cooling medium.

FlexyCube can be easily adapted to an almost unlimited range of specific requirements since its glass adaptor accepts all standard laboratory equipment, such as reflux condensers, distillation heads, or water traps. The standard 250ml glass reactor vessel will work from vaccum up to 1.3 bar, optionally with a special glass vessel up to 6 bar pressures, while the system will also accept optional 100ml and 400ml reactors for working at vacuum or atmospheric pressure and 300ml steel reactors for pressures up to 100 bars.

Other FlexyCUBE options include automatic distillation, automatic pressure-vacuum-vent control, automated establishment of solubility using clarity or turbidity measurements and isothermic heat flow calorimetry for thermal process optimization.

FlexyPAT – Process Automation Tool for chemical synthesis

PAT stands for both Process Automation Technology and Process Automation Tool. SYSTAG’s FlexyPAT is a modular system that performs both functions.

FlexyPAT technology enables laboratories to implement customer-specific laboratory chemical automated synthesis reactor systems very cost effectively, integrating easily with existing devices to reduce cost, speed up the automation process and increase user acceptance.

Alternatively, FlexPAT can be used as a stand-alone tool; making automated lab chemical synthesis reaction available as a product-based turnkey system. In this mode, FlexyPAT’s innovative easy management tools make it an ideal ‘on-demand’ solution for rotating contract laboratories – supporting ad-hoc client applications and quick uptake of spare capacity.

FlexyPAT allows several parallel chemical synthesis reactors to be operated from a single PC, combined with SYSTAG’s proprietary flexible connection (fConnect) concept that allows easy integration of existing customer-owned hardware. This facility both reduces costs and speeds up the automation process and user acceptance. The fConnect interface also makes its simpler and cheaper to scale up the system, with user-friendly configuration through integrated sensor identification.

The standard FlexyPAT unit handles all core laboratory functions, including:

  • Gravimetric or volumetric dosing
  • Temperature control of jacket and reactor
  • Stirrer control including speed and torque measurements
  • pH measurements
  • Manual and recipe controls
  • Data capture and automatic laboratory report

FlexyPAT thus supports a wide range of typical applications including scale-up/scale-down, process analysis, morphology and thermal-physical processes.

Units can be further adapted to specific roles, using available add-ons that include:

  • Automatic distillation with reflux splitter
  • Pressure and vacuum measurement and control
  • Hydrogenation capabilities
  • Isothermal heat flow calorimetry
  • Automatic distillation with boiling point detection
  • Automatic establishing of solubility curves
  • Online sensor integration (turbidity measurement, midIR FTIR, particle size measuring instruments, etc.)
  • GLP and CFR21 part 11 installation and operational qualifications (IQ/OQ)


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