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    SYSTAG automated batch reactors for chemical engineering optimization

    products-servicesSYSTAG, System Technik AG
    June 21st 2024

    SYSTAG’s precisely tailored automation and laboratory scale chemistry solutions meet the specific challenges of pharmaceutical process scale-up in being able to transfer a reaction process developed in the laboratory at milliliter or gram scale to a batch reactor and full production process run on full-sized industrial reactors.

    Automated chem reactors are catalysts for revolutionary changes that redefine the nature of laboratory practices. These ingenious system solutions are not just jacketed vessels, but gateways to a new era of chemical process optimization. Automated chemistry overcomes the limitations of experimentation and provides the chemist with a wealth of information needed to create new products and processes.

    Batch reactor solutions

    SYSTAG offers three modular semi-batch reactor solutions for automated chemical synthesis that all feature an easy-to-use FlexySys interface for the precise control and graphic evaluation of all reaction variables and thermal process safety.

    • ePAT: A highly affordable and user-friendly lab-scale automated reactor system that allows researcher and engineers to access the benefits of chemical synthesis automation and optimized processes for various jacketed reaction vessels. The system is plug & play compatible with standard laboratory equipment and enables chemists to operate an almost unlimited variety of double-walled reactors without the need for constant monitoring. The integrated eController takes over all control and logging tasks that arise in a batch reactor where reactants are loaded at the beginning of the process, and the reaction takes place in a closed system. It also handles Continuous stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) steady-state operations in which reactants are continuously loaded and product removed, allowing for where the reactor operates under constant conditions over time. In both cases, it offers functions for recipe control and editing.
    • FlexyCUBE: A highly compact automated reactor control system designed for parallel process chemical reaction optimization oriented towards scale-up applications, with high reproducibility and full documentation, making it perfect for Design of Experiments (DoE) methods. The system allows up to six steel or glass reactors to be controlled from a single PC in parallel (DoE) or individual operation. The system can always be run under recipe control with manual interventions where needed. This is a flexible solution handling temperatures ranging from -80°C to +280°C, pressures up to 100 bar, and volumes from 10 milliliters up to 400 ml.
    • FlexyPAT: Enables the control of a virtually unlimited number of jacketed reactors from a single PC and their individual automation as part of a flexible solution for automated chemical synthesis in development, kilo lab and miniplant applications. The turnkey FlexyPAT concept facilitates the integration of existing customer-owned hardware to automate chemistry at lower cost and accelerate the transition to fully automated chemical processes without neglecting the required process analytical technology (PAT) methodology. The system includes functions such as gravimetric or volumetric dosing, temperature control of chemical reactors, distillations, stirrer control, pH control, hydrogenation options and isothermal reaction calorimetry.

    Automated reactor control

    These automated reactor control systems allow maximum reproducibility of experiments with consistent flexibility. All reaction parameters are permanently recorded and visualized at the touch of a button. The integrated safety concept allows unattended operation around the clock.

    Key elements in maintaining a safe control of the batch reaction process are thermal analysis and reaction calorimetry. Both are catered for by the SysGraph graphic evaluation tool that respectively allows comprehensive evaluation of reaction calorimetric data (including isothermal heat flow and balance calorimetry) and thermal analysis, including adiabatic temperature rise , Arrhenius plot, TMR and Self Heating Rate displays.


    Click on FlexyPAT and ePAT for detailed information.
    Click on FlexyCUBE parallel process optimization to learn more.


    Automation for Lab Reactor, Scale-up, Calorimetry

    SYSTAG automated batch reactors for chemical engineering optimization

    SYSTAG’s automated batch reactor systems share the FlexySys operating system that provides an integrated and user-friendly software platform for chemical process development.

    SYSTAG automated batch reactors for chemical engineering optimization

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