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    Sparkling Saline Spray: 21st century carbonated natural nasal relief

    products-servicesAurena Laboratories
    March 30th 2021

    Aurena Laboratories AB has introduced a portfolio of patent-protected Sparkling Saline Spray products for nasal relief, available for adoption by brand owners worldwide.

    Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray offers a unique drug-free nasal rinse based on saline or seawater, with carbon dioxide microbubbles that reaches deep into the nasal passages to help reduce congestion and clear the nose. These elements have clinically proven benefits and offer a unique and refreshing experience that is valued by consumers.

    Based on sustainable Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology, these sprays offer strong user and marketing benefits.

    Sparkling Saline Spray development

    Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray has been developed by Aurena Laboratories in collaboration with Clover Hill Healthcare in the USA.

    Clover Hill Healthcare first began the search for a quick acting nasal spray product with high efficacy and natural action for daily use or chronic indications in 2012.  Within a year, they had identified carbon dioxide (CO2) as the ideal ingredient.

    Scientific evidence shows that carbon dioxide prevents histamine release in the nasal cavity, relieves allergic rhinitis/congestions and exerts a destructive effect on biofilm. It has been found to stimulate the trigeminal nerve, enhance extra nasal secretion, lowering the thickness of the mucosa and enhancing mucociliary clearance.

    The solution was to use saline solution or seawater as the vehicle to carry dissolved carbon dioxide to the nasal passages and attach to the mucosa. Clover Hill Healthcare has constructed a patent landscape that covers the therapeutic utility of using sparkling saline with and without additives.

    Aurena Laboratories is responsible for worldwide manufacturing, from its modern FDA-inspected facility in Karlstad, Sweden, where it has the world’s first production line for Sparkling Saline Nasal Sprays. Aurena’s BoV technology provides for more user-friendly delivery that avoids propellants in the spray and is also more environmentally sustainable.

    Sparkling Saline has now been launched in several markets under different brands. These include Ukraine, Jordan, Russia, Australia and New Zealand, Spain and Croatia.

    Sparkling Saline Spray features and applications

    Sparkling Saline Spray is offered as a unique drug-free nasal rinse with clinically proven ingredients of saline and carbon dioxide, with a patented formula that combines saline with the energetic carbonation properties of CO2.

    The spray delivers a natural nasal rinse designed to cleanse, clear congestion and neutralize the effects of inhaled particulates, irritants, and germs.

    Products can be formulated to address various indications, including congestion, cold symptoms, allergies and severe allergies.

    Aurena Sparkling Nasal Spray products can be formulated based on regular saline or using natural seawater. These formulations are available as Isotonic versions, suitable for babies or infants, or Hypertonic versions suitable for adults or infants from age of two upwards.

    The complete range comprises a range of nasal spray formulations in BoV powered containers that are CE-marked as medical devices class IIa, each available in 50ml, 100ml, 125ml, and 150ml sizes. These are available as private label products for various brand owners with their patented status providing protection against generic or store brands.

    Clean Label certification provides consumer reassurance that the product contains no drugs, dyes, or preservatives such as parabens.

    Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray user benefits

    Sparkling Saline Spray’s CO2 infused saline provides a user experience of active, instant and complete nasal cleansing and supports premium niche marketing based upon the following benefits:

    • Unique sensory impact and consumer experience.
    • Superior differentiation to regular saline sprays
    • Disruptive effects on bio-films and thick mucus

    Sparkling Saline also has lower pH than regular saline, making it more hostile to harmful bacteria, pathogens, and viruses.

    Perceived benefits are confirmed by a Sparking Saline Nasal Spray consumer study, which found very high (>95%) agreement with propositions that:

    • Sparkling Saline helps user breather freer and faster than other saline sprays
    • Leaves user with a cleaner feeling than other nasal sprays and
    • Seems to penetrate deeper than other nasal sprays

    More than 90% of consumers surveyed also agreed that Sparking Saline was unique and different, that it would add value to their current treatment for congestion, that it would replace their current spray and that they would recommend it to friends.

    Sparking Saline opportunities for brand owners

    The range of CE-marked formulations available for Private Label marketing includes:

    • Sparkling isotonic saline
    • Sparkling hypertonic saline
    • Sparkling isotonic natural seawater
    • Sparkling hypertonic natural seawater
    • Sparkling ringer solution

    These products are all unique and can be well supported with scientific data and regulatory expertise. Several further formulations are currently under development.

    Across the range, Sparkling Saline products offer powerful market benefits:

    • Ready-developed.
    • Market-oriented.
    • CE-approved.
    • Well-documented.
    • Short time to market.


    Click on Aurena CE-Marked Formulations to download complete list of products.


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    Sparkling Saline Spray: 21st century carbonated natural nasal relief
    Sparkling Saline Spray: 21st century carbonated natural nasal relief
    Sparkling Saline Spray: 21st century carbonated natural nasal relief


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