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    Aurena Laboratories Bag-on-Valve (BoV) contract manufacturing

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    December 13th 2023

    Aurena Laboratories offers a suite of contract development and manufacturing services that provides pharma and medical devices companies a fast route to access the advantages of Bag-on-Valve (BoV) spray packaging for medical products.

    Aurena are trusted experts in design, development and production of spray medical devices with specialist expertise in bag-on-valve contract manufacturing.

    Bag on Valve Contract Manufacturing advantages

    The Aurena Laboratories contract manufacturing process is streamlined to enable pharma and medical device clients to reach market with higher quality products.

    A typical process to implement a contract manufactured product includes;

    1. Confidentiality agreement between Aurena Labs and customer
    2. Technical consultation and feasibility study
    3. A defined contract manufacturing agreement
    4. Two-way technology transfer Essential testing and validation phase
    5. Commencement of contract manufacturing

    The Aurena BoV contract manufacturing service is particularly helpful for manufacturers that do not possess the technology, space or machinery to carry out full packaging but wish to access the added value benefits of Bag on Valve sprays.

    All Aurena contact manufacturing is carried out at its ISO13485:2016 and FDA Drug and Medical Device Establishment certified facilities in Karlstad, Sweden with quality services that meet the requirements and expectations of regulatory agencies and customers, including EU CE guidelines and  ESD and EX-standards, offering manufacturing of flammable products.

    BoV Contract Development

    Aurena Laboratories AB is a specialist in BoV-based solutions such as various sterile products, nasal care, skin care and wound care.

    Most liquid, gel, and cream products are suitable for bag-on-valve spray delivery and can be transformed with BoV packaging.

    Aurena’s experienced development team can conduct pre-formulation and formulation BoV development, with unique expertise in saline based formulations, sprayable emollients, and wound and skin formulations using advanced silicone technologies.

    Aurena offers flexible solutions to test product stability and set it in bag-on-valve packaging, including small-scale product test batches to assess new formulations, and small-scale fillings for limited production runs.

    BoV technology

    BoV is a flexible solution that can be integrated into the full range of modern packaging formats with a wide choice of can shapes and formats, valve types, caps, etc.

    The Bag-on-Valve system consists of an aerosol spray valve welded to a sealed multi-layer bag. When filled with product, the bag is placed inside a tinplate or aluminum can that is then pressurized with compressed air or nitrogen propellant, which then exerts pressure on the outside of the bag, ‘squeezing’ product through an actuator in a spray when the valve is actuated.

    The key difference with a standard aerosol is that product and propellant remain physically separate. This technology delivers potent delivery and user convenience benefits that include:

    • Close to 100% product emptying
    • No dilution, adulteration or contamination of product
    • Longer shelf life with less preservatives
    • Even and controlled spray pattern
    • No pumping motion needed
    • Can be used at all angles
    • Less-chilling product discharge
    • Hygienic and sterilizable
    • Eco-friendly and non-flammable compressed air or nitrogen propellant

    Aurena has produced a Bag-on-Valve White Paper that explains the technology in greater detail including materials selection, filling methods used in manufacture and discussion of potential BoV applications (see Resources below).

    Bag-on-Valve (BoV) applications

    Bag-on-valve technology can be used to dispense most products that can be delivered by conventional aerosol, as well as some products that are not suitable for traditional aerosols, such as viscous gels, creams and ointments.

    BoV is gaining in popularity in the cosmetics and healthcare industries, particularly in applications with sensitive products or where user convenience is considered.


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    Your Partner in Bag-On-Valve – Medical Devices

    Aurena Laboratories Bag-on-Valve (BoV) contract manufacturing

    How Bag-on-Valve works: diagram shows (1) male or female valve, (2) welded bag containing (3) product kept under pressure by (4) propellant squeezing product out of bag through valve to (5) actuator nozzle mounted on (6) can.


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