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    Saline Nasal Sprays and Sparkling Nasal Spray

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    September 7th 2020

    In addition to the wide range of saline and seawater nasal sprays, Aurena Laboratories AB has worked to develop Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray as a unique drug-free nasal rinse with clinically proven ingredients of saline and carbon dioxide.

    Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray is a patent-protected technology platform for CE-marked carbonated saline-based medical products that can be leveraged across numerous line extensions and private label products.

    Developed by Aurena in partnership with Clover Hill Healthcare of the USA, this new generation of saline and seawater nasal sprays uses natural product technology based on advanced and innovative formulations to provide refreshing and invigorating treatment experiences for consumers who use nasal sprays, nasal drops or nasal mists to relieve congestion, sinusitis and other conditions.

    Sparkling Saline Nasal Spray Features and Benefits

    Sparkling Saline Nasal Sprays are drug-free nasal rinses with clinically proven ingredients of saline and carbon dioxide (CO2). The patented triple action formula combines saline (sodium chloride salt plus pure water) with the energetic carbonation properties of CO2 to create a revolutionary rinse designed to cleanse, clear congestion and neutralize the effects inhaled particulates, irritants and germs.

    These nasal sprays are infused with carbonated microbubbles that reach deep into the nasal passages to help reduce congestion and clear the nose and create an isotonic effect. In addition, consumers instinctively link sparkling bubbles with superior cleansing.

    Carbon dioxide provides a unique sensory cue for Sparkling Saline and additionally enhances the wetting properties of the saline, due to surface tension changes caused by the degassing of carbon dioxide from the saline liquid. Enhanced wetting properties have disruptive effects on biofilms and thick mucus and inhaled debris.

    In-vitro data supports Sparkling Saline’s effectiveness in reducing nasal bio-films, a cause of upper respiratory infection, chronic sinusitis, and associated with poor patient outcomes in post-operative recovery Sparkling Saline has a lower pH than regular saline, making it more hostile to harmful pathogen bacteria and viruses.

    Hypertonic versions osmotically decongest mucosa. The decongestion is effective and convenient for stuffy noses during colds, pregnancy or overuse of nasal decongestants.

    With regular use of Aurena Laboratories nasal spray sufferers of rhinitis and sinusitis symptoms will be alleviated and it may decrease their use of medicated products.

    Sparkling Saline Nasal applications

    Aurena Sparkling Saline can form the basis for a range of ready-developed, CE-approved and commercially oriented own label products, with a short time to market. These products will be unique, patent protected and with scientific evidence, regulatory expertise, documentation and certification to support the following stated benefits:

    • Advanced technology
    • Alleviate symptoms of acute upper respiratory tract infections
    • Facilitate the removal of mucus and crusts in the nasal cavity
    • Preparation/cleansing of nasal cavities before applying further medication
    • Daily nasal cleansing
    • Sterile to the last drop
    • Hypertonic versions help to decongest the mucosa and alleviate local symptoms of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis
    • Superior sensory impact and consumer experience.

    The wide range of Aurena’s sparkling saline nasal sprays provide highly competitive alternatives to a series of established saline nose spray, nasal drop or nasal mist  products including Xlear Nasal Spray and Xlear Xylitol Nasal Spray, Fleming’s Ocean Nasal Spray series (also marketed as Ocean Ultra Saline Mist, Ayr Saline Nasal, Ayr Baby Saline and Deep Sea Nasal Spray), Amcal’s Fess nasal spray, Cadila’s Nasoclear Nasal Spray or Nasal Wash and Arm & Hammer’s Simply Saline Nasal Mist.

    Sparkling Saline Nasal variants

    The range of Sparkling Nasal Sprays offered by Aurena is based on two basic saline formulation concepts:

    • Saline: Designed to keep the nose clean, refreshed and free of congestion. This formulation is based on sparkling saline with 0.9% Sodium Chloride (NaCl), preservative and drug free and with clinically-proven ingredients.
    • Natural Seawater: This formulation, available in isotonic and hypertonic versions, contains natural sea seawater with helpful minerals and are also based on drug and preservative-free formulations.

    The complete range of Saline and Seawater Nasal Sprays at Aurena is comprised of many formulations, each available in 50ml, 100ml, 150, 125ml, 150ml, 200ml sizes. The products are grouped as follows:

    1010 Series: – Aurena Saline nasal spray – Isotonic (Six formulations based on 0.9% concentration base of NaCl, NaCl phosphate buffer, Sea salt solution, Seawater plus purified water, Desalinized seawater or Ringer solution)

    1011 Series:-  Aurena Saline Nasal spray – Hypertonic with Aloe Vera and/or Chamomile (13 formulations based on 2.1% concentrations of NaCl, Sea salt, desalinized seawater or natural seawater)

    1012 Series:- Aurena Nasal spray with 1.7% or 2.0% Xylitol (Six formulations, based on 0.9% concentrate Sea salt, NaCl , Ringer, Seawater plus purified water, or undiluted seawater)

    1016 Series:- Aurena sparkling nasal spray – Isotonic,  (Eight formulations containing 0.4% or 0.7% CO2)

    1017 Series:- Aurena sparkling nasal spray – Hypertonic (Nine formulations containing 0.4% or 0.7% CO2)

    1018 Series:- Aurena Saline Nasal Spray – Hypertonic (10 formulations based on varying saline concentrations)

    1020 Series:- Aurena Nasal Spray – Isotonic  (15 formulations containing various combinations of saline, aloe vera and chamomile)

    For individual product details, see Resources


    Click on Aurena CE-Marked Formulations to download complete list of products.


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    Saline Nasal Sprays and Sparkling Nasal Spray


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