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Sovicell posts video ‘how to’ guide on assay testing

news-releasesSovicell GmbH
February 22nd 2015

Leipzig, Germany: – ADME-Tox (ADMET) testing specialist Sovicell has released a new video guide to help researchers get the best from its industry-leading range of TRANSIL assay testing kits.

The video, which can be seen on YouTube and on Sovicell’s website, covers all six TRANSIL kits for drug screening, ranging from brain absorption assays to the Plasma Protein Binding (PPB) kit. In less than three and a half minutes, the video explains how to carry out the five simple steps involved in using the kit:

  • Plate thawing and preparation
  • Drug candidate preparation
  • Incubation
  • Supernatant sampling
  • Analysis

Bead-based technology

Sovicell markets a range of ready-to-use TRANSIL-based assay systems for DMPK and ADMET studies. TRANSIL is an innovative bead-based technology platform that underpins Sovicell’s reliable membrane permeability and protein binding assays.

The ready-to-use TRANSIL assay kits require minimal labor, reduce mass spectrometer instrument time, provide superior flexibility, and speed-up discovery while reducing the need for animal trials. In essence they are smart dialysis systems that use an immobilized biological matrix with very large surface area. This allows both rapid equilibration of dialysate binding and fast downstream quantification via LC-MS/MS as there is no need to separate the compounds from the immobilized matrix.

TRANSIL addresses current issues in drug discovery by providing assay systems both for soluble polar and lipophilic chemistries.


The TRANSIL range includes a High Sensitivity Binding kit that addresses detection limits issues associated with very tight binding and low recovery issues resulting from sticky compounds or poor solubility. There is also a fast high throughput TRANSIL Brain Absorption assay for estimation of brain tissue binding of drugs and the prediction of their disposition into the brain.

The assay is based on the affinity of compounds to brain membranes and provides an accurate estimation of the unbound fraction of drugs in brain and predicts the passive brain-to-plasma distribution.

Online resources

Sovicell also uses online webinars to inform customers on how to use its kits. The most recent Webinar was hosted last month by Sovicell CEO Dr. Hinnerk Boriss and featured a series of in-depth insights. These included strategies to extend the half-life of peptide drugs, an explanation of PH dependence of albumin binding and its consequence in FcRn Receptor recycling, use of competitive binding models for measuring dissociation constants and technical details and handling of a novel technique for measuring plasma and albumin binding of peptide drugs.

“This latest video fills a very important need,” said Dr. Boriss.

“Our TRANSIL kits are so versatile that they can operate under a range of different concentrations and protocols for different drug candidates. The video helps the researcher select the right methodology for each candidate,” the Sovicell CEO explained.

About Sovicell

Sovicell GmbH is a dedicated provider of the ADME-Tox (ADMET) absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion toxicity tests used in pharmacokinetics.

Sovicell’s range of ADMET-based products and services, enable customers to obtain rapid, accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetic data and side-effect predictions about candidate drugs or other test substances.

Located in the ancient city of Leipzig, Sovicell has established a trustworthy reputation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries over almost two decades and now has partners in the US, Japan, and India.

Sovicell’s business is based onready-to-use toolkits for ADMET tests thatsupport preclinical research programs in drug discovery and facilitate a shift from labor-intensive “home-brew” approaches to fully automated, minimal labor, processes.

Many of the tests are based on TRANSIL, Sovicell’s proprietary and patented innovative bead-based technology platform that underpins reliable membrane permeability and protein binding assays. TRANSIL addresses current issues in drug discovery by providing assay systems both for soluble polar and lipophilic chemistries.

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