Solving for the future

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October 15th 2021

Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

It is difficult to underestimate how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives. As we look for ways to reconnect and move forward together, creativity and collaboration have become more critical than ever.

When a Bonfiglioli Engineering customer in India experienced a safety alarm on a pharmaceutical production line, Italy was locked down. Under normal circumstances, our technicians would travel to the customer’s site to diagnose the problem, ensure repairs are properly made and equipment is accurately recalibrated so operations get back online as quickly as possible. Travel restrictions and uncertainties caused by the pandemic forced us to find another solution.

Faced with an emergency outage and no clear path forward, our customer and the Bonfiglioli Engineering team collaborated to build a real-time intervention platform from scratch.

Time to build a new video platform: 6 days

Time to test: 1 day

Time to repair: 4 days

Potential downtime averted: Limitless

And our creativity won’t stop there. By applying new approaches and technologies from this specific customer experience to our support offering to all of our customers, Bonfiglioli Engineering is solving for the future.

Bonfiglioli Engineering has a presence around the globe, and is ready to help you design and support the best leak testing system for your business, whether we’re on-site, on the phone, or viewing your line remotely via six cameras and 3D glasses. Find out more about how we keep you online through simple, secure remote support with EWON®.

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Solving for the future