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Sofrigam Partner with ModusLink for Warehousing, Fulfilment and Transportation Services

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August 21st 2012

Sofrigam have completed an agreement with ModusLink Global Solutions™ Inc. (MLINK) to provide key warehousing, fulfilment and transportation services for Sofrigam’s world-class pharmaceutical cold chain packaging products.

This new venture means Sofrigam’s insulated boxes will be in a total of 30 warehouses and fulfilment sites in 15 countries. Sofrigam can now locate their refrigerant packaging closer to key customer operation and manage more frequent inventory call offs in line with customer demand. Refrigerant containers and packaging materials are manufactured and tested to ISO quality standards in Sofrigam’s facilities in Europe and North America.

Christopher Day, vice president, North America, Sofrigam said “In our industry, value is added through sophisticated design and manufacturing. Global distribution is a must, but it doesn’t make economic sense for us to do it ourselves. This partnership will give us flexibility to position inventory to best serve our customers throughout the world and will quickly enable the global expansion of our business as the market for temperature-sensitive shipping materials continues to grow.”

“Sofrigam needed a highly reliable supply chain provider to manage complex international distribution and logistics for their pharmaceutical customers,” said Thomas Nightingale, president, sales and marketing, ModusLink. “Our worldwide operations network is unified with a strong systems infrastructure and Lean Sigma-based operations that ensure the consistency and efficiency of our distribution services and is a perfect match for Sofrigam and other clients looking to expand their business globally.”

Through its network of carriers, ModusLink delivers to 140 countries from 30 solution centers worldwide, all connected by a single technology infrastructure.

“In our industry, value is added through sophisticated design and manufacturing. Global distribution is a must, but it doesn’t make economic sense for us to do it ourselves” said Christopher Day.

About Sofrigam
Founded in 1979, Sofrigam is the oldest and largest pharmaceutical cold chain packaging company in Europe. Headquartered outside Paris, France, and manufacturing on multiple continents, Sofrigam provides a full range of custom and pre-qualified temperature controlled packaging solutions to the biopharmaceutical and premium food markets. Known for its technical expertise and new product innovations, Sofrigam’s products range from individual pouches and bags for patients to transport their life-saving medications to full pallet systems used by global biopharmaceutical companies for exporting their products around the world. The new Frizbox® XXL is the only pallet shipper whose payload fits one full US-size pallet of product loaded by forklift, while its exterior footprint fits exactly four to an airline pallet. With its recently completed expansion, Sofrigam’s laboratory, design and manufacturing facility in Monchy-le-Preux, France is the largest facility in the world dedicated solely to temperature controlled packaging.

About ModusLink Global Solutions
ModusLink Global Solutions Inc. designs and executes global supply chain strategies to solve clients’ cost, time-to-market, customer satisfaction and revenue objectives. Our supply chain, aftermarket, e-Business and entitlement management solutions support the end-to-end product lifecycles of the world’s leading companies. ModusLink has more than 25 years of experience executing complex supply chain processes such as sourcing, configuration and fulfilment. We can manage these critical functions seamlessly with a client’s global e-Business initiative or an integrated aftermarket program, including alternative channel recovery for at-risk inventory. Backed by a footprint of more than 30 Solution Centers in 15 countries, ModusLink clients can react quickly to shifting market dynamics impacting value chain performance and revenues.

For more information or to discuss Sofrigam partner with ModusLink for warehousing, fulfilment and transportation services please contact us directly.

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