SIRION lentiviral vectors for stable gene overexpression or knowdown

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May 15th 2020

SIRION Biotech offers customized lentiviral vector engineering service for stable cell line generation, CAR-T immunotherapies, and cell therapy development.

SIRION’s advanced lentiviral technology enable constitutive as well as inducible vectors for overexpression and gene knockdown.

The service includes professional consultancy on custom vector design, full production package from gene synthesis and cloning to viral particle production supported with a large portfolio of constitutive and inducible promoters and markers.

Lentiviral vector applications

Lentiviruses infect the broadest panel of dividing and non-dividing cells, including primary cells, immortalized cell lines, hematopoietic stem cells, which makes them the most versatile method for gene delivery. Thanks to a large insert site for an expression cassette, lentiviruses can offer a flexible vector design, including insertion of several genes with a total capacity up to 5 kb.

Lentiviruses become the tool of choice whenever generation of stable homogeneous cell models is required, either with a strong gene expression or when gene knockdown is needed. In gene therapy, Lentiviral vectors serve as a main tool for CAR-T cell therapy development.

Advantages of lentiviral vector technology:

• Application field from in vitro to in vivo
• Stable gene expression due to integration of lentivirus into actively transcribed sites of genome
• Reliable gene delivery into dividing and non-dividing cells
• Large packaging capacity
• Fast, stable and strong expression or knowdown

SIRION Biotech lentiviral vector service

Based on SIRION’s deep expertise in vector engineering, the lentiviral vector service employs latest self-inactivating 3’SIN technology as part of 3rd Generation lentivirus vector engineering. This technology ensures safety of Lentivirus vectors and prevents virus generation.

The service is tailored for small and large biotech and pharma companies, drug developers, big pharma, and academic research teams seeking stable cell line generation. It is particularly suitable for cytotoxic genes studies, for CAR-T and cell therapy research and for development studies.

SIRION’s multicistronic vector design results in highly homogeneous, stable cell models avoiding time-consuming clonal selection post-transduction, while its potent LentiBOOSTTM transduction enhancers enable constitutive as well as inducible vectors for easier overexpression and gene knockdown.

Further service features include:

• Broad selection of promoters, selection markers and fluorescent tags
• Inducible LV technology enabling characterization of toxic gene modulations
• Virion modification
• LentoBOOSTTM LV enhancer for preclinical and clinical improvements of protocols

SIRION biotech’s advantages at glance:

Personal consultancy and planning for each project with our highly skilled specialists and flexible engineering service enable to generate virtually every desired expression construct. Guaranteed standards for reliable batch-to-batch consistency, various scales and qualities will fit any step from R&D and preclinical to clinical development. Short lead time: we integrate your project into our pipeline in a matter of days


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SIRION lentiviral vectors for stable gene overexpression or knowdown