SIRION Biotech to present Viral Vector Know-How Hub to support Cell & Gene Therapy R&D at ESGCT 2022

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October 6th 2022

Martinsried, Germany: – Viral technology specialist SIRION Biotech will use the upcoming 2022 annual congress of the influential European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) in Edinburgh to unveil a significant ramping up of its knowledge and expertise support for gene and cell-based R&D.

SIRION has attended past ESGCT congresses, most recently in Barcelona, and will be a silver sponsor of the Edinburgh meeting.

Knowledge Hub

The SIRION exhibition stand at Booth 61 in the Edinburgh International Conference Center will have as its centerpiece the newly introduced SIRION Biotech Viral Vector Know-How Hub.

The Hub leverages knowledge gathered from SIRION’s own more than a decade experience in manufacturing across thousands of different viral vectors and scores of serotype variants, along with it active R&D collaborations and extensive network of KOL knowledge opinion leaders. The end result is a resource that can support every stage of viral vector development and application.

R&D support

Leading the SIRION presence in Edinburgh will be Dr. Francois Vromman, Senior Director and Head of Business Operations for Southern & Western Europe.

“Once again we are looking forward to attending a face-to-face ESGCT meeting that will provide an excellent platform for meeting gene and cell therapy researchers and developers and show them how we can support them,” said Dr. Vromman.

About SIRION Biotech

SIRION Biotech was founded in 2005 with the goal to spark a new generation of viral vector technologies for gene and cell therapy as well as vaccine development.

SIRION evolves novel therapeutic viral vectors and uses proprietary technology platforms based on lenti-, adeno-, and adeno-associated viruses, to expedite its partners’ advances in drug development.

To date SIRION has completed over 8000 projects of all sizes, working closely with over 600 independent customer groups from academia and industry.

On August 31, 2021, SIRION was 100% acquired by PerkinElmer.

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About ESGCT 2022

The European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ESGCT) promotes basic and clinical research in gene therapy, cell therapy and genetic vaccines by facilitating education, the exchange of information and technology, and by serving as a professional adviser to stakeholder communities and regulatory bodies in Europe.

The society’s annual congress provides an opportunity for scientists, clinicians and industry professionals to share new data, learn from peers, and discover global advances within the Gene and Cell Therapy field.  The event currently attracts more than 1,000 delegates from some 40 countries worldwide.

The 29th ESGCT Annual Congress (ESGCT 2022), is a four-day event hybrid physical and virtual event opening October 11 at the Edinburgh International Conference Center in the Scottish capital.

ESGCT 2022 is organised in collaboration with the British Society for Gene and Cell Therapy. Further information at:


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SIRION Biotech to present Viral Vector Know-How Hub to support Cell & Gene Therapy R&D at ESGCT 2022
SIRION Biotech to present Viral Vector Know-How Hub to support Cell & Gene Therapy R&D at ESGCT 2022