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SIRION Biotech pioneering work on lentiviral vectors recognized in prestigious new scientific volume

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July 19th 2016

Martinsried, Germany: – German publisher Springer Protocols has issued volume on lentiviral vector (LV) protocols for gene engineering that also includes innovative advances made by Munich-based SIRION Biotech.

The latest volume in the Springer series on ‘Methods in Molecular Biology’ addresses “Lentiviral Vectors and Exosomes as Gene and Protein Tools” in which leading scientists in the field of gene editing describe novel approaches based on lentivirus technology.

In the new volume, Maurizio Federico of the National AIDS Center in Rome, Italy, presents 19 such approaches ranging from LV construction over LV targets and applications over integrase-mutant LV’s to the engineering of exosomes.

Moving to industrial applications

Contributors also include Axel Schambach of Hannover Medical School, and David Fenard of French Généthon in Evry and Natasa Anastasov at Munich’s Helmholtz Center of Radiation Biology.

Also described are new lentiviral transduction methods using poloxamers as reagents, spinoculation and scFv-antibody fusions to VSV-G that increase viral performance more than tenfold, with the potential to improve clinical protocols.

SIRION Biotech is a pioneer in customizing Lentivirus to enhance their application spectrum in research and development. Hundreds of viral vector based methods are in or on the verge of clinical testing, making this relatively new class of biologicals as exciting and promising as antibody technologies 30 years ago.

About SIRION Biotech
SIRION Biotech was founded at Martinsried, near Munich, in 2007, with the vision of developing next generation viral vectors for gene therapy and vaccines and enabling the creation of novel cell models closer to reality than ever before. This required the assembly of a comprehensive viral vector platform.

Since then, SIRION has become an international leader in innovating virus vector technologies, providing custom services to academic and industrial partners worldwide. Its core expertise lies in custom virus generation for genetic engineering of mammalian cell systems. With its comprehensive viral vector portfolio, SIRION offers a suitable option for almost any in vitro and in vivo application.

SIRION is now Europe’s leading commercial supplier of viral vectors used for genetic research, clinical target validation, gene therapy and vaccination studies. It is also the only company to master all three major virus types that are used regularly for genetic manipulation of cell systems: all-in-one Lentivirus, adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) and Adenovirus vectors.

SIRION’s technologies have been validated in over 500 single projects with more than 150 academic and industrial partners. As a result, cell models for drug discovery and development have become highly reliable, as have the use of new viral vectors in gene therapy and vaccine studies.

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