SanaClis Chief Executive named as best CEO

SanaClis Chief Executive named as best CEO

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AUGUST 04, 2016

Bratislava, Slovakia: – Business Worldwide Magazine has named Dr. Natalia Fetkovska, Chief Executive of award-winning full service clinical research organization (CRO) SanaClis, as the Best CEO Clinical Research Organization Industry 2016.

Dr. Fetkovska joined the ranks of the winners of BW’s annual CEO Awards in recognition for her work in taking SanaClis to become leading CRO in Central and Eastern Europe, recognizes for its reliability and professionalism.

Rapid expansion

Since 2006, under Dr. Fetkovska’s leadership, SanaClis has progressively expanded, opening offices in Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Romania and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. SanaClis has also joined the exQuisiteAlliance® network to provide global coverage.

In a recent interview with Business Worldwide, Dr. Fetkovska explained that SanaClis had powerful advantages in both – capabilities and geographic coverage. It is unique among full service CROs in being able to manage IMP / CTS, both centrally and locally.

“This is where SanaClis really stands out,” said Dr. Fetkovska.

Full IMP management

“SanaClis offers a full IMP management and related services along with classical CRO services. We developed our own software for IMP management that enables our clients to have direct access to IMP stocks and movements in our warehouses, so they have full access to IMP storage conditions and transparency on storage and maintenance of stock. This is a unique service that is not provided by any of our competitors,” she told the magazine.

“We can help open the door to the EU for non-EU companies. At the same time we can open the door to post-Soviet countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia etc.). We can do this with fewer vendors and a leaner, efficient business structure,” she added.

Best possible cost-quality solutions

Dr. Fetkovska said the strong global network of partner companies SanaClis enjoyed within exQuisite Alliance® across service and therapeutic areas allowed it to structure studies to suit clients strategic aims.

“Large or global CROs quite often place studies in countries they need to develop, or simply to avoid staff redundancies. This aspect is often neglected even though there might be quite severe negative impact on study timelines and costs,” she said.

By contrast, SanaClis can focus on designing optimal project-specific country splits and teams. “Our aim is to offer the best possible “cost – quality” solution by using our own resources, facilities and partnership synergies,” Dr. Fetkovska explained.

About SanaClis

SanaClis is a Slovakian-headquartered full service European CRO supporting pharma and biotech companies for more than 15 years covering full cycle of Phase I-IV clinical trials under one roof. In addition to classical CRO services such as regulatory, clinical monitoring and project management, data management and biostatistics its also offer IMP management services in European countries via its network of GxP-compliant warehouses.

In 2015, SanaClis gained a Life Science Leader CRO Leadership Award in the Reliability category.

About Natalia Fetkovska

Natalia Fetkovska, MD, PhD has more than 20 years experience in managing clinical trials in Central & Eastern Europe. Between 1996 and 2005, she played a key role in establishing and expanding the Quintiles operations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), particularly in Russia and Ukraine. In 2006 Dr. Fetkovska purchased majority ownership rights in SanaClis to become its Senior Partner and CEO. She is actively involved in strategic business planning, key customer contacts and successful company growth.

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