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Rotronic introduces new clean room control panels

news-releasesRotronic AG
September 13th 2017

Bassersdorf, Switzerland: – Rotronic AG, the world’s leading measurement solutions specialist, has introduced two new control and monitoring panels specifically designed and engineered for use within clean room environments.

This is a major advance for the Swiss-based manufacturer, whose products are already widely used in the monitoring and control of clean rooms, but often outside the actual sterile zone.

The two new panels meet the strict requirements for cleanliness and sterilization demanded by modern clean rooms.

CRP5 and CRP1

Rotronic’s flagship clean room panel is now the CRP5, a comprehensive control panel designed specifically for controlled sterile environments. Once installed the unit provides a dust-resistant smooth and flush front, with stainless steel fittings and an industrial glass fascia that are extremely resistant to chemicals for easy clean in place and sterilization in place (CIP/SIP).

Rotronic has also introduced CRP1 as a dedicated temperature and humidity control panel for clean room applications with less demanding control requirements but that also need flush easy-clean installation and very high accuracy measurements.

High functionality

The CRP5 also features fully configurable color display and high functionality, providing solutions to all clean room measurement and monitoring requirements.

Features include:

  • Differential Pressure measurement via internal diaphragm sensor with inputs via front or rear ports for easier installation and calibration
  • Interchangeable humidity and temperature sensor
  • Two fully configurable analogue inputs (for particle counters, lux meters, etc.)
  • Two configurable switch inputs (for pressure or door switches, etc.)
  • Six configurable relays for alarm triggers
  • Digital connectivity via RS485 and Ethernet (Modbus or direct connection to Rotronic HW4 software)

Versatile connections

The CRP5 can also accept a unique flush mount humidity probe that can be magnetically locked into place for easy removal and replacement for cleaning or calibration. An optional rear mount connection allows users to monitor ducts or remote spaces via Rotronic HC2 humidity and temperature probes.

The configurable color display shows alarm conditions that can be acknowledged via the front panel. Alarms can be used to trigger relays associated with audible and larger visual alarms.

Gloved operation

Interaction with the CRP5 is via four optical buttons.

“We chose optical controls because, unlike capacitive interfaces, their use is completely unaffected if operators are wearing protective gloves,” explained Dr. Jeremy Wingate, Head of Sales at Rotronic Instruments (UK) Ltd.

“As an FDA and Gamp5 compliant device, the CRP5 is a safe choice for regulated industries. The instrument can be used with third-party systems via its analogue outputs or industry standard Modbus TCP / RTU communication,” said Dr. Wingate.

“Alternatively the CRP5 can be connected to our Rotronic HW4 software package to provide a one-stop solution for monitoring, control and alarming,” he added.

Rotronic can also provide pharmaceutical validation services and ISO 17025 (UKAS) calibrations for CRP5 where required.

About Rotronic

Founded in 1965, Rotronic AG has become one of the world’s leading names in humidity and temperature measurement and is renowned for the high quality of its Swiss-made meters, instrumentation, sensors, data loggers and other measuring equipment.

Its specialist measuring solutions are in daily use worldwide in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuffs and many other industrial sectors.

Rotronic’s lines of business include products for measuring humidity, temperature, CO2 and differential pressure. As a leader in the field of humidity and temperature measurement, Rotronic is also increasingly making a name for itself as a world leader in the measurement of other parameters including low dew point, CO2, differential pressure, process pressure and airflow.

With more than 180 employees, 42 sales outlets and 8 subsidiaries worldwide, Rotronic Group is becoming an increasingly international company, realizing some 60 per cent of its turnover in export sales. The company’s eight subsidiaries are located in main global markets, such as the USA, China, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore and, most recently, Canada where a branch office opened in 2015.

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