Rotronic debuts ‘monitor everything’ RMS environmental system

Rotronic debuts ‘monitor everything’ RMS environmental system

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NOVEMBER 03, 2016

Bassersdorf, Switzerland: – Rotronic AG, the world’s leading measurement solutions specialist, has introduced its advanced new RMS Environmental Monitoring System that makes all required environmental data across the enterprise available anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

RMS replaces fragmented and complex monitoring systems working in isolation with a single solution that constantly records and translates all required environmental data from multiple locations and makes it constantly available to users via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Full integration

RMS is built around a server software that allows sensors or data loggers to transmit measured values via wireless or LAN communication to a secure database. This records all measurements continuously and translates them into data that can be integrated into third-party systems. The system also compares data against customer defined criteria and generates alerts or warnings when these are breached. Users can access and retrieve data at any time and across multiple platforms.

“RMS provides one complete, flexible and yet simple monitoring solution instead of many. This is a system that is very easy to install and operate and yet offers highest levels of flexibility, versatility and performance,” said Rotronic AG Head of Measurement Solutions Andreas Gähwiler.

“We have already tested RMS extensively, with the system successfully proving its worth in pilot projects. Customer feedback has enabled the system to continue to evolve, further enhancing many key features,” said Mr. Gähwiler.

High versatility

The modular RMS system is suitable for use in cleanrooms, laboratories, production and storage facilities throughout the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic and food industries. It is also ideal for monitoring building and process management systems, along with storage and shipping of humidity and temperature-sensitive goods.

RMS accepts, analyzes and continuously records temperature, humidity and many other environmental parameters from data loggers, with third-party devices and existing systems easily integrated, making RMS extremely flexible and scalable.
Where any identified parameter is exceeded or breached, the system sends error messages and alerts by voice call, email or SMS text messages as well as smartphone apps.

Secure data

“RMS makes real-time environmental information available at all times, whether the user is working next door or on another continent, with control and monitoring available from anywhere via laptop, tablet or smartphone. This reduces costs and increases peace of mind,” said Mr. Gähwiler.

Server-based IP architecture guarantees enterprise-wide 24/7 data availability regardless of the location or terminal device, with https protocols ensuring data security, with encryption also possible.

The new Rotronic Monitoring System meets all the regulatory requirements of GxP, FDA Annex 11 and 21 CFR 11.

“Our R&D technical experts have worked hard and thoroughly to make installation simple and uncomplicated. We can provide local support through our worldwide Rotronic network of distributors and subsidiaries,” said Mr. Gähwiler.

About Rotronic

1965 founded Rotronic AG is a Swiss-based manufacturer and international supplier of specialist measuring solutions used by pharmaceutical and other industries. Rotronic has become one of the world’s leading names in humidity and temperature measurement and is renowned for the high quality of its Swiss-made meters, instrumentation, sensors, data loggers and other measuring equipment.

Rotronic’s lines of business include products for measuring humidity, temperature, CO2, differential pressure, pressure, flow and dew point, solutions in the areas of 19″ equipment and uninterrupted power supply for safety systems, and all types of measuring devices. Rotronic measurement solutions are in daily use in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuffs and many other industrial sectors.

With more than 200 employees, 42 sales outlets and eight subsidiaries worldwide, Rotronic Group is becoming an increasingly international company, realizing some 60 per cent of its turnover in export sales. The company’s seven subsidiaries are located in main global markets, such as the USA, China, Singapore, the UK, France, Italy, Germany and, most recently, Canada where a branch office opened in 2015.

Media Contacts

Contact: Ursula Mian, Head of Marketing Communications, Rotronic AG
Tel. : +41 44 838 13 05


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