Rotronic CRP5 Clean Room Panel for controlled environments

Rotronic CRP5 Clean Room Panel for controlled environments

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Rotronic’s CRP5 Clean Room Panel incorporates distinctive technology and design to enable easier measurement and management of ultra-clean controlled environments.

The CRP5 is the obvious choice wherever a high degree of cleanliness is vital. It is particularly useful in laboratory clean rooms, hospital operating theatres, in the pharmaceutical, electronics, and foodstuffs industries, and wherever small variances in pressure and environment conditions need to be constantly monitored.

Design and Features

The new Clean Room Panel is specifically designed for clean room applications and is fitted with a diaphragm differential pressure sensor and validated according to cGMP directives.

The CRP5 is distinguished from competitors by its removable HC2-CRP humidity and temperature sensor, which is magnetically attached to the easily cleaned toughened glass front plate.

Other features include:

  • Measures differential pressure, humidity and temperature
  • Designed specifically for clean rooms
  • FDA- and GAMP-compatible
  • Digital communication via Ethernet RJ45 and MODBUS TCP / RTU
  • Analog input and output signals freely configurable
  • Glass front panel highly resistant to chemicals
  • Optical operating elements for operation with protective gloves


The well thought-out design makes the CRP5 perfect for applications in laboratories and clean rooms. The unit’s comprehensive functional capabilities provide solutions for many measurement and control tasks.

It can simultaneously monitor numerous variables, including differential pressure, humidity, and temperature.

The removable sensor and single glass surface, together with optical buttons, permit easier and more efficient cleaning and operation.

The new panel’s graphical color display can display up to six measurement values and messages and allows display colors to be individually set and changed. The unit can be configured directly using the panel buttons or remotely via RS 485 or Ethernet interface with PC or via MODBUS.

The display highlights alarms for faults, exceeded limit values, warnings, etc. Alerts can also be forwarded digitally via MODBUS, Ethernet, or relays. A mix of analog and digital communication capabilities makes the CRP5 very easy to integrate in any monitoring system.


Dimensions 180 x 300 x 72 mm
Weight 1.7 Kg (with humidity sensor)
Measurement principle Diaphragm sensor
Probes HC2-CRP; alternatively: any HygroClip2 probe
Media Air and non-aggressive gases
Range of application -5…60 °C (23…140 °F) / 0…100 %RH
Accuracy at 23 ±5 °C ±1.0 % full-scale (Pa)
Measurement ranges ±50 Pa / ±100 Pa / ±250 Pa / ±500 Pa & -100…200 °C (probe-dependent) / 0…100 %RH
Pressure resistance 0.7 bar (70,000 Pa)
Pressure connections Front: Hose connectors Ø 6 mm x 10 mm Back: Hose connectors Ø 4 mm x 10 mm
Accuracy analog output ±5 mV (voltage output) ±20 μA (current output)
Switch output 6 solid-state relays
Switching capacity 50 VDC at <2 A when observing polarity 35 VAC at <1 A, irrespective of polarity
Zero drift Compensated (manual or automatic zero adjustment)
Power supply / Power consumption 20-48V DC or 18-35V AC <500 mA/h
Electrical connections Screw terminals (rear)
Measurement interval 1 sec
Display type Color TFT display
Menu Navigation 4 optical buttons
Firmware update Via HW4 software
Analog outputs 4: freely configurable
Analog output signal (standard) 0 / 4…20 mA or 0…1 / 5 / 10 V
Permissible load >10 kΩ (voltage output) <500 Ω (current output)
Communication interfaces Ethernet (Modbus TCP, HW4) / RS-485 (Modbus RTU, HW4)
Service Interface UART
Housing Glass front panel with stainless steel case
Impact Protection rating Front: IP65 (sensors removed) Back: IP20
Fire protection class Complies UL94-HB
Mounting Wall Mounting
FDA / GAMP FDA 21 CFR part 11 / GAMP5
CE / EMC conform EMC Directive 2004/108/EC
Storage and transport conditions -5 – 60 °C (23 – 140 °F) / 0 – 100 %RH



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Supplier Information
Supplier: Rotronic AG
Address: Grindelstrasse 6, CH-8303 Bassersdorf, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 838 1144
Fax: +41 44 838 1487

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