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Recombinant protein production – ARTES

products-servicesARTES Biotechnology GmbH
August 8th 2018

As a bio-pharmaceutical contract research & development organization (CRDO), ARTES Biotechnology provides cell line and process development and manufacturing for bio-pharmaceutical products. ARTES specializes in process development and recombinant protein production from microbial expression systems. Additionally, ARTES offers access to proprietary vaccine development platforms.

In recombinant protein production, ARTES Biotechnology has developed distinctive solutions for the cost-effective production using both yeast-based and E.coli technologies.

ARTES protein expression solutions are leveraged from cutting-edge genetic engineering, combined with a broad expertise in bioprocesses to deliver very high purity and productivity.

Recombinant protein production platforms

ARTES Biotechnology operates in the field of microbial-based recombinant protein production and expression, based on powerful technologies platforms as Hansenula polymorpha and Escherichia coli.

Hansenula polymorpha (syn. Pichia angusta)

This production platform technology is a methylotrophic yeast and is one of the leading industrial production systems.

The ARTES Hansenula platform features a large toolbox of expression vectors, secretion signals, chaperones, etc., and is engineered for stable co-expression of multiple genes.

The platform also features:

  • high copy production cell lines with up to 120 genes per cell
  • 100% stability of production cell lines established over more than 25 years
  • absence of allergens, toxins and viral contaminations
  • secreted products without contaminating host cell proteins (> 90% purity in fermentation broth)
  • high yield production of intra-cellular soluble proteins
  • metabolic engineering for design of whole-cell biocatalysts
  • organisms recommended by FDA, EMA, EFSA, WHO and other regulatory bodies
  • antibiotic resistance free host vector system

Escherichia coli protein production

For the expression of a recombinant protein in a bacterial system, ARTES provides a highly efficient E.coli platform. The platform is characterized by an extensive host/vector toolbox for optimal expression and ability to release recombinant proteins into the culture supernatant.

This releasing feature makes subsequent post-fermentation identification and purification of the recombinant protein much easier than in a normal E. coli fermentation process. After fermentation, the protein will be found in the supernatant of the broth. This eliminates need for cell disruption, folding and refolding steps during the purification process.

The secretion property of the ARTES E.coli system flows directly into the efficiency of production costs for the client’s recombinant product.

Added value recombinant production

ARTES recombinant protein platforms are based on patented IP rights as well as deep levels of knowledge and experience, backed by expertise in trouble-shooting and project management.

ARTES ensures 100% freedom-to-operate for all clients and licensees and guarantees a smooth and high standard project progress.

ARTES operates worldwide from its 850m2 S1 facilities in Langenfeld, from where it offers cell line engineering based on yeast (Hansenula polymorpha, syn. Pichia angusta; Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and bacterial (E. coli) expression platforms, lab scale up- and downstream process development, supply of non-GMP bulk material (API) for activity and toxicity tests and technology transfer to cGMP facilities and scale-up support.

Following recent research, ARTES is now exploiting the full potential of its VLP based antigen presentation platform METAVAX® to offer development of human and animal health vaccines, as well as to out-license own early stage vaccine candidates.

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