Raman for Virus Detection

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February 24th 2021

At Ocean Insight, our Lab Services team works with Raman spectroscopy to provide a rapid, in-situ test for disease detection. With surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) technology, we can identify analyte concentrations in whole blood, allowing for faster and more effective disease and virus detection.

Lab Services at Work Lab

Services team at Ocean Insight helps customers evaluate technical feasibility. One of the projects involved the development of a disease detection kit.

SERS forms the foundational processes of this project. This highly sensitive technique allows identification of low concentrations of disease-carrying analytes.

With a series of increasingly complex tests, the Lab Services team could identify a disease of interest in blood sample. The test is fast and sensitive, and it can be applied to development of testing for other diseases and viruses in the future.

SERS sensitivity means we can detect diseases even in small quantities. The testing speed also allows us to get results and work toward a solution faster than ever before.