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    PTS Powder Transfer System

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    March 28th 2013

    DEC offer a vacuum dense-phase system, the Powder Transfer System (PTS) developed and patented by DEC. It is a highly effective method for transferring and dispensing both dry and wet powders and granules in a safe and contained manner. Whilst there are many PTS’s on the market DEC’s system has been unrivalled. Its unique filtration concept a flat filter membrane makes it the only vacuum dense-phase system that functions at optimum levels for each cycle currently on offer, differentiating it from the run of the mill systems on the market.

    The PTS is a pneumatic conveying system using both vacuum and pressure without relying on gravity allowing to move powders as if they were liquid eliminating the need for multi floor processes. The system is ideal for transferring highly explosive powders and the transfer of toxic and hygroscopic materials. The PTS eliminates oxygen from the powder and the system is separated by a physical barrier from the reactor to avoid fires and explosions when in operation providing a safe and reliable method for powder transfer. The PTS is directly installed on the receiving vessel, which it can isolate during the loading phase. One of the major advantages of this technology is that it makes it possible to separate the air from the powder and to keep the receiving vessel inert while loading the powder by using, for example, nitrogen to discharge the PTS chamber. It is, therefore, possible to safely charge powder into a reactor, which contains solvents or is pressurized, without risking explosions or dangerous gas leaks.

    PTS Powder Transfer System Benefits:

    • Empties or fills all process equipment including reactors, dryers and centrifuges
    • Transfers all powders (sticky, fine, non-free flowing, hygroscopic, humid etc)
    • Safely transports toxic < 1µg/m3 or dust explosive powders < 1mJ
    • Charges directly into closed vessels under vacuum or pressure
    • Prevention of dust creation
    • Eliminates oxygen from the powder before entering into the process
    • Charges in the presence of solvents
    • No product retention
    • No Particle damages
    • Total containment
    • Easy to clean – CIP system
    • Hygienic sterile units

    DEC also offer the Mobile PTS with all the features of the static system with the additional benefit of being portable. The system can easily be dismantled and relocated anywhere in the production unit. The control panel and vacuum pump remain permanently mounted on the trolley while the PTS can easily be installed on the process equipment to be charged. This portable system allows for multiple processes to be charged maximising the full potential of the system.

    PTS Powder Transfer System Mobile Benefits:

    • Compact and space saving
    • Control panel, vacuum pump, PTS and suction lance fixed on a trolley
    • Flexible and easy to install
    • Ready for production in minutes

    The PTS Cleaning Device ensures Cleaning in Place (CIP) is easily achieved. The system is fitted with a liquid separator component installed in the upper part of the PTS body. The liquid separator sucks liquids into the system and a float in the main cover prevents the liquid from entering the vacuum line. The PTS body and the powder transfer hose are cleaned at the same time, a considerable advantage over using a spray nozzle.

    The PTS and Mobile PTS can easily be installed in to your current environment and will significantly enhance any process. A substantial reduction in batch times and accelerated production can be achieved. Both systems are GMP and ATEX compliant, constructed of electro polished AISI type 316L stainless steel and available with DIN or ANSI standard flanges with a 3 or 6 bar design pressure.

    For more information or to discuss the PTS Powder Transfer System please contact us directly.


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    PTS Powder Transfer System

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