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    PSL completes ISO 9001 quality certification

    news-releasesPeptide Specialty Laboratories GmbH
    December 12th 2018

    Heidelberg, Germany: – Custom and modified peptide specialist Peptide Specialty Laboratories GmbH (PSL) has announced successful implementation of its ISO 9001:2015 quality certification program.

    ISO 9001 forms the basis for effective processes and people to deliver an effective product or service time after time. It provides a framework and set of principles for Quality Management Systems (QMS) that formulate practical approach to organizational management to ensure consistent customer and stakeholder satisfaction.

    Recognized standard

    As the most widely recognized international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS), ISO 9001 is used worldwide, with more than one million organizations certified in 178 countries.

    The International Standards Organization developed ISO 9001:2015 to be more compatible with other management systems, such as ISO 14001, making it easier to integrate management systems.

    “Successful ISO 9001:2015 certification is an important further step in our mission to deliver high quality peptides according to international certificated standards,” said PSL Laboratory Head, Dr. Adrian Glas.

    Certificated vendor

    “Not only does it give even greater trust in our products and services but allows us to interface more seamlessly with our clients’ own internal quality management systems,” Dr. Glas explained.

    “It’s important that our client researchers and buyers understand that our own new ISO 9001 status means that a certificated vendor might be necessary, depending on the intended purpose of our products,” he added.

    About PSL

    Heidelberg-based Peptide Specialty Laboratories (PSL) specializes in synthesizing custom peptides, modified peptides as peptidomimetics and tailor made peptide-specific antibodies.

    PSL’s core expertise is in developing customized peptides varying in length up to 100 amino acids, individualized to customer requirements. These peptides can be further altered with modified amino acids (methylated, phosphorylated, sugar-modified, D-amino acids, stable isotopes etc.) through acetylation, placing amide at C-terminus and using peptide-protein conjugates (KLH, OVA, BSA, Diphtheria toxoid).

    The laboratory develops and produces a range of customized synthetic peptides, bio conjugates and peptide-specific antibodies for research institutes, universities and pharma companies. It also synthesizes peptides as substrates for enzymes or perform modifications of peptides with specific properties that cannot be created naturally, mainly for use in drug research and also to produce complete immunization services.

    Founded in 2000, PSL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bioassay GmbH, also based in Heidelberg. Further information at:


    Click on ISO 9001:2015 to view and download PSL certificate.


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