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Prolytic goes Back to the Future with new HQ

news-releasesProlytic GmbH
September 7th 2018


Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany: – Growing specialist pharmacokinetic research organization Prolytic is taking a big step forward into the future with a new and expanded headquarters at the Oberhafen scientific campus in Frankfurt.

In doing so, Prolytic is simultaneously returning to its roots and its legacy links with Asta Medica.

The new headquarters at Weismüllerstraße 45, Frankfurt am Main 60314, features larger and better-equipped rooms, allowing improved office and laboratory facilities that will enable Prolytic further to expand and improve its services.

Chance discovery

The move, scheduled for early 2018, follows a year-long search for ideal new premises with the final breakthrough discovering that the Oberhafen Campus had spare premises, leased from the BEOS organization.

Thus Prolytic will be returning to a building formerly owned by Asta Medica, employee to all five founder of Prolytic, before foundation of Prolytic in 2002.

In an interview in the current issue of the BEOS magazine, Dr. Krone said that securing expanded and more capable premises was a key to its future plans to “open up the field of molecular biology and offer analyses of DNA and RNA.” This will involve some adaptation of the existing building.

Expanded possibilities

“We can implement intelligent concepts, using our new, larger areas,” explained Dr. Krone.

The new premises will be divided into office and laboratory zones. The latter will feature diverse analysis devices, work surfaces for pipetting and discrete areas for handling the sensitive substances required for advanced molecular analysis.

“Demarcation is important, for example, to prevent infectious material from entering the offices,” commented Dr. Krone.

Returning to roots

“All five founders of Prolytic were previously employed at ASTA Medica in the buildings of the Campus Oberhafen. So, in a way, we are returning to our roots,” said Dr. Krone reflected.

“Now we can make optimum use of the existing infrastructure. For example, we maintain a close business relationship with Aeterna Zentaris GmbH, which also emerged from Asta Medica and is still located on campus. Losan Pharma GmbH is another customer with whom we cooperate.

“For the first time, we will now have a large meeting room, which we can also use for customer meetings, and I am also happy about the faster Internet access we get on campus. I’m not an expert in this field – but our IT technician was quite excited when he learned about the possibilities at the new location,” added Dr. Krone.

About Prolytic

Prolytic GmbH are experts in bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics with specialized contract research capabilities in bioanalysis and pharmacokinetic evaluations under GLP and GCP.

Prolytic was founded in December 2002 by a group of experienced scientists as a management buy-out of the Viatris KG (formerly ASTA Medica) Drug Development Center.

The team, headed by Dr. Dorothee Krone and Peter Romeis, founded Prolytic to support pharmaceutical and biotech partners in drug development with best quality analytical services, especially for pre-clinical, clinical and toxicokinetic studies, bioanalysis and absolute quality assurance.

It provides a range of sophisticated services in development and validation of testing procedures, methods and processes, examining complex sample mixtures as well as pre-clinical and clinical study samples. Prolytic can also conduct compartmental and non-compartmental pharmacokinetic evaluations with analysis and quantification of small molecules, proteins, antibodies & antigens, ADAs (anti-drug antibodies), biomarkers & biosimilars and determination of enzyme activity.

Prolytic operates in three principal business segments, bioanalysis, pharmacokinetics and pharmaceutical analysis. As an independent GLP/GCP testing laboratory, Prolytic can undertake qualitative or quantitative drug and metabolite analyses in blood, plasma, urine, tissue or other biological matrices as well as in-vitro investigations for distribution coefficient, protein binding, metabolism, stability and molecular weight.

Pharmacokinetic services extend from preparatory begins consultation to PK/PD modeling and optimization of dosing schedules.

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