Professional Medical Translation Services

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July 8th 2013

Product information including Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC), Package Leaflet (PL) and Labelling are an important part of your corporate image towards physicians and patients. A good quality medical translation of SPC, PL and Labelling inspires trust and is a quality stamp for your product. Thoroughly prepared national texts also facilitate the speed of the approval process at the national competent authorities.

A-consult offers to be your partner for translation of product information and other medical texts. Depending on your needs, we can assist you with specific projects or be your partner in total outsourcing of your translation tasks.

Correct translation of product information requires both language skills and pharmaceutical skills. A-consult has a team of highly qualified consultants, who have experience with medical translations. The team consists of both authorised translators and pharmacists. If necessary, we also have the possibility to consult a physician for expert advice. The team is kept up-to-date with monthly meetings, where we discuss translation issues.

Our translation team has access to a database, which allows us to search in EMA approved SPC, PL and Labelling texts for approximately 450 medicinal products. The strength of this database is that the result of the search is shown in a context. The database also allows us to include your specific terminology, if you so require.

To ensure continuous high-quality translations A-consult has a written procedure for translation of medical text. The procedure describes a quality control system in which all translations are reviewed by an experienced pharmacist before they are sent to the customer.

Our focus is to deliver high-quality submission-ready medical translations on time.

For more information or to discuss professional medical translation services please contact A-consult directly.