Pharmacovigilance Solutions

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April 13th 2012

A-consult provides complete or customised pharmacovigilance solutions. Pharmacovigilance is an important factor in regards to the protection of patients using medicinal products. The outsourcing of pharmacovigilance activities is based upon trust and responsibility being shared between the contract giver and the contract taker.

We have been working within the pharmacovigilance sector for over 5 years and have formed a team that has experience within this field.

Sometimes a company just does not have the resources to do the work required for pharmacovigilance. Outsourcing to A-consult’s pharmacovigilance solutions can free up vital resources enabling your company to focus on more important tasks. Outsourcing to A-consult can:

• Boost resource flexibility
• Lower overheads
• Safeguard additional capacity
• Evade high up front investments

A-consult has built up many years of experience in pharmacovigilance through our work with small and large pharmaceutical firms. We concentrate on quality and medical expertise in our day-to-day operations. We can provide knowledgeable pharmacovigilance staff, long-term or temporary staff optimisation solutions and flexibility.

A-consult provide the following services, case handling, report writing, QPPV, counselling and system support and SME tailored solutions including our cost effective database solution.

For more information or to discuss pharmacovigilance solutions please contact us directly.