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    Polypharma celebrates 31st Anniversary

    news-releasesPolypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH
    April 28th 2022

    Hamburg, Germany: Specialist pharmaceutical consultant and supplier Polypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH (Polypharma) marks the 31st Anniversary of its founding with a significant expansion in the scope of its activities.

    This includes recent support for initiating local manufacturing projects across Middle East and North Africa (MENA Region), expanded local production and product ranges and securing reductions in imports of time-elapsed medicines.

    Active support

    Polypharma’s original 1991 founding mission was to transform development of ethical local production across the Middle East and North Africa to battle the scourge of counterfeited and sub-standard medicines.

    Over recent years, this has been translated into active support for development of effective generics, innovative medicines, and local manufacturing to international quality standards, reflected in increasing frequency of visits by Polypharma consultant teams to North African and Middle Eastern countries.

    End-to-end services

    Rather than simply licensing out technologies for generics manufacturing, Polypharma’s efforts are now focused on providing 360° services that encompass the whole drug development and manufacturing process.

    The Polypharma service portfolio now includes developing drug dossiers for generics, tech transfer, sourcing of raw materials, registration support and ad-hoc service until receipt of market authorization.

    Recent achievements

    Polypharma is now able to work in close liaison with international suppliers and local manufacturers partner to assure quality generics, with single points of contact across the whole process.

    As it marks its 31st Anniversary, Polypharma is able to point to a number of recent achievements that include:

    • Introduction of Tech Transfer and Up-Scaling Services
    • Development of unique service for delivery of pharmaceutical raw materials
    • Further increases in number of pre-approved drug dossiers
    • Initiation of locally owned pharmaceutical production in partner nations
    • Success in raising availability of modern medicines
    • Curbing the prevalence of sub-standard counterfeit medicines

    Improving lives

    “In an age that is dominated by negative perceptions of MENA Region driven by local instabilities and migration to Europe, our work does a great deal to improve quality of life in these countries,” commented Polypharma founder and CEO, Mohamed Ben M’Barek.

    “Our partners are creating socio-economic benefits from local pharmaceutical manufacturing, as well as tangible health benefits from higher quality medicines and improved supply,” he pointed out.

    “Polypharma has also ramped up its pro-active consultations with partners across MENA Region to identify drugs and medicines that have particular potential or meet pressing local needs,” said Mr. M’Barek.

    About Polypharma

    Polypharma’s vision is to support regional producers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region develop ethical products to combat counterfeit and sub-standard medicines, acting as an expert partner in formulation and registration of products ready for market.

    For the MENA countries where Polypharma works, it specializes in supporting companies set up their own pharmaceutical production, including generic drugs, food supplements and biosimilars.

    Polypharma’s end-to-end services include advice on construction and production, compiling drug technical dossiers, and sourcing of raw materials and ingredients.

    The company is experts in specialized fields that include project planning, pharmaceutical R&D, dossier development, feasibility studies, plant construction, identification of new molecules, technology transfer, raw material sourcing and supply.

    Its full service offerings can combine all these elements and more to provide a total solution for pharmaceutical developers and producers.

    Since Polypharma was founded in April 1991, it has successfully developed more than 200 drug dossiers in-house and registered them for partners.

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    Polypharma celebrates 31st Anniversary

    Polypharma partners with local pharma producers across the Middle East and North Africa.

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