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    Polypharma celebrates 30th Anniversary

    news-releasesPolypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH
    June 16th 2021

    Hamburg, Germany: Specialist pharmaceutical consultant and supplier Polypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH (Polypharma) has been celebrating its 30th Anniversary.

    The company remains guided by its original 1991 founding mission to transform development of ethical local production across the Middle East and North Africa to battle the scourge of counterfeited and sub-standard medicines.

    Single partner

    Polypharma offers a unique blend of services and skills that make it possible for it to act as a single partner accompanying local companies all the way from selection of target product through to actual receipt of raw materials for production.

    “Over the years we have developed more than 200 approved drug dossiers for our partners, meeting real local needs, along with tech transfer and up-scaling services to succeed with their own production,” noted Polypharma founder and general manager, Mohamed Ben M’Barek.

    Facilitating local production

    At the time Polypharma was born, a very high percentage of African and Middle Eastern medicines were imported from Europe and North America as well as Asia, with limited local production largely carried out by public institutions, typically producing generics under license. Almost total absence of laboratories also made it very challenging to check imported medicines for quality or efficacy.

    Since then, Polypharma has been working with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and international partners to facilitate creation of high quality generics, including drugs and food supplements produced in the region. It encourages local production by offering a 360° service that encompasses supply of raw materials, preparation of generic dossiers and registration support, technology transfer, and ad-hoc services, all leading to market authorizations and commencement of manufacturing.

    Polypharma is also seeking to encourage and support local production of biosimilars in the MENA region, working with suitable partners.

    Changing the reality

    Polypharma sees that its work is very far from being finished.

    “We still see too much importation of medicines instead of local production, and availability of the latest generics is far from a given in many countries across MENA, which I’m afraid is simply not a focus market for delivery of innovative medicines,” said Mr. Ben M’Barek.

    “Slowly but surely, we have been working to change that reality, by offering our service to expand local production, support new ventures, advise local manufacturers expand their product ranges and reduce importation of time-expired medicines. This both raises availability of medicines in partners’ countries and reduces the space for dangerous counterfeit medicines,” he added.

    Creating new capacity

    For the countries where we work, this has many benefits that include development of organic pharmaceutical capability, expansion own pharmaceutical production with related socio-economic benefits such as employment, education, opportunity and wealth creation.

    “We are also able to support our partners look beyond immediate tactical priorities, with consultation into which products might be of interest for the future,” said Mr. Ben M’Barek.

    “The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a ruthless spotlight on global inequalities and lack of pharmaceutical capacity across too much of the world. Therefore, I believe we will see a paradigm shift and we aim to be an important part of that over the coming 30 years,” the Polypharma founder declared.

    About Polypharma

    Polypharma’s vision is to assist regional producers in the Middle East and North Africa region develop ethical products to combat counterfeit and sub-standard medicines, acting as an expert partner in formulation and registration of products ready for market.

    For the MENA countries where Polypharma works, it specializes in advising companies set up their own pharmaceutical production, including generic drugs, food supplements and biosimilars.

    Polypharma’s end-to-end services include advice on construction and production, compiling drug technical dossiers, and sourcing of raw materials and ingredients.

    The company is experts in specialized fields that include project planning, pharmaceutical R&D, dossier development, feasibility studies, plant construction, identification of new molecules, technology transfer, raw material sourcing and supply.

    Its full service offerings can combine all these elements and more to provide a total solution for pharmaceutical developers and producers.

    Since Polypharma was founded in April 1991, it has successfully developed more than 200 drug dossiers in-house and registered them for partners.

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    Polypharma celebrates 30th Anniversary

    Polypharma works with partners to encourage high quality MENA pharmaceutical production


    Polypharma celebrates 30th Anniversary

    Polypharma partners with local pharma producers across the Middle East and North Africa

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