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    Pharmatrans Sanaq introduces high quality DICOM SANAQ® Direct Compression range

    products-servicesPharmatrans Sanaq AG
    February 26th 2020

    Pharmatrans Sanaq has introduced a range of DICOM SANAQ® high functionality co-processed excipients as a platform for higher quality direct compression (DC) formulations.

    DICOM SANAQ is part of the Pharmatrans mission to produce ‘Pharmaceutical Excipients focused on your formulation needs’, offering excipients and active ingredients of outstanding quality and performance.

    DICOM SANAQ Platforms for Direct Compression:

    With its research & development skills and traditions, Pharmatrans Sanaq is committed to finding innovative technological solutions providing excipients contributing successfully to smart and efficient pharmaceutical formulations. It offers value-added functional solutions to aid formulation in solid dosage delivery systems and related technologies.

    The new DICOM SANAQ line expands the boundaries of DC in oral dosage formulations, where previous state of the art recognized that some current excipients and API were sub-optimal for used in CM for several reasons, including issues related to use of multiple feeders.

    DC and CM optimized

    The Pharmatrans approach to DC emphasizes use of customized excipients to provide materials tailored to be used for direct compression, even under continuous manufacturing (CM) conditions.

    DICOM SANAQ offers ready-made blends suitable for producing ideal formulations in specific applications. These excipient mixtures exhibit excellent and superior compressibility parameters compared with single and pure excipients.

    The use of binary or multiple mixtures of co processed excipients also opens up options to use materials that require fewer feeders in CM.

    DICOM advantages

    With continuous manufacturing processes, the use of DICOM SANAQ high functionality co-processed excipient enhances product performance while reducing formulation variability.

    CM allows monitoring of the product quality in real time, using PAT tools. This means no quarantine, costless and minimized potential delay before products are ready for release and shipment.

    In all these ways, DICOM SANAQ simplifies and accelerates the product manufacturing process.


    Click on DICOM SANAQ portfolio for a summary of available blends.

    Pharmatrans Sanaq introduces high quality DICOM SANAQ® Direct Compression range

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