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    Pharmatrans SANAQ® DC customized solutions for DiCOM SANAQ® direct compression applications

    products-servicesPharmatrans SANAQ AG
    April 19th 2022

    Pharmatrans SANAQ® offers a wide range of tailored and customized excipients for solid dosage forms tailored for direct compression (DiCOM) manufacturing processes.

    These solutions help overcome a series of industry challenges, such as production difficulties, , supply problems, and manufacturing costs.

    Developed in partnership

    Based on detailed customer feedback and Pharmatrans in-house research programs, these solutions have been forged in close partnerships with clients.

    The use of direct compression technology and continuous manufacturing processes often demand excipients with highly tailored and customized physical properties.

    DiCOM-SANAQ® DC range

    To meet these needs, Pharmatrans advanced research has developed a series of high performance excipient DiCOM-SANAQ® DC grades tailored for various applications, such as IR formulations, pH sensitive or moisture sensitive APIs, and modified release oral solid dosage (OSD) forms.

    The range includes SANAQ® PL 005, SANAQ® SP 204, SANAQ® SP 207, SANAQ® SP 205, D SANAQ® SP 206, SANAQ® SR 300, and SANAQ® SR 301 (See Table).

    Innovative solutions

    The DiCOM SANAQ® family of products in its excipients portfolio represents the Pharmatrans mission to offer R&D scientists and formulators the innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical excipients arena for solid dosage forms.

    These excipients are optimised for ease to use, product stability and efficient manufacturing processes improvement.


    Click on SANAQ® SP 204 for detailed product information.
    Click on SANAQ® SP 205 for detailed product information.


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    Pharmatrans SANAQ® DC customized solutions for DiCOM SANAQ® direct compression applications

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