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    Pharmatrans SANAQ AG Swiss supplier for innovative excipients & API’s

    products-servicesPharmatrans SANAQ AG
    July 14th 2021

    Pharmatrans SANAQ’s core expertise is as a developer and supplier of excipients, APIs, lubricants and disintegrants required for pharmaceuticals applications, particularly in direct compression (DICOM) processing of powders and solid dosage forms.

    Pharmatrans can make its formulations expertise available to manufacturers to give them access to a complete portfolio of technical and smart solutions for the development and manufacture of innovative pharma products.

    Alongside its product range of excipients and Innovative pharma ingredients, Pharmatrans Sanaq AG draws on its expertise in research, formulation, pharmaceutical production, regulatory compliance and marketing to offer a suite of tailored services.

    Pharmatrans’ reputation for Swiss quality and service rests both on its heritage and its core mission to serve and support the pharmaceutical industry by offering innovative solutions through the SANAQ brand that stands for a safe analytical and quality approach. Its services help customers develop and produce innovative solid and semisolid dosage forms and bring them to market faster and more successfully.

    Supply capabilities

    These services leverage from Pharmatrans  solid experience and industrial know-how, along with its extensive knowledge and expertise in regulatory submissions. It can call on these skills, and in-house expertise from its team of formulation scientists, to deliver support for customized solutions in the excipients field, ranging from basic material selection to marketing of ready-made products.

    Pharmatrans Sanaq’s long-established experience and widespread presence around the world of pharma and life sciences, together with its extensive international network, make it a valuable development consultant partner, service provider and reliable supplier .

    Its outsourcing services enables customers to source ingredients, access technologies and form strategic alliances faster and with greater success for better overall and reduced time to market.

    Pharmatrans SANAQ advanced supply capabilities are also based on the strength of its impressive international network of business partners and advanced, selected and qualified CMO and CDMO developers and manufacturers, several of whom hold  significant  international and local process patents. Pharmatrans also works in close partnerships with R&D centers and international universities.

    This network places a vast amount of collective scientific, process and regulatory knowledge and expertise at the disposal of Pharmatrans and its customers.

    Pharmaceutical Basel advantages

    Pharmatrans SANAQ is part of the world renowned cluster of Basel pharmaceutical companies. More than 50 life sciences companies are headquartered in the Basel Region, covering the fields of biotechnology, medical technology and nanotechnology.  Alongside Pharmatrans, leading Basel pharma companies include Actelion, Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis and Roche.

    The Basel pharmaceuticals hub is also boosted by the presence of leading academic and research organisations such as University of Basel, the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at the ETH in Basel (D-BSSE), the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) private research institutes and the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

    Along with related medical technology (electrical and orthopedic) developers and biotech innovators, ‘Pharmaceutical Basel’ has become an intensively innovative and value-creating life sciences eco-system.

    Services provider

    Based on these strengths, Pharmatrans Sanaq is able to offer three service streams:

    • Niche products: Through its R&D team and strategic partners, Pharmatrans is able to develop products and solutions tailored to customer needs in the fields of high-performance excipients and DICOM direct compression blends. These niche products can include neutral starter cores (such as Sugar Spheres, and Cellets, functional starter cores, such as TAP tartaric acid pellets, and non-pareil beads incorporating high tech materials and based on particular particle size distribution (PSD) requirements to aid controlled release and sustained release.
    • Outsourcing: Over almost 40 years Pharmatrans has established a highly respected experience for pharma innovation and presence in the world of life sciences. Together with its widespread international network, this allows Pharmatrans SANAQ to source and offer ingredients, technologies and strategic alliances for better results in shortest time.
    • Customized solutions: In cooperation with universities, independent organizations and CDMO centers, Pharmatrans’ R&D team is able to offer customers a range of options on specific demands to transform physical properties of materials while maintaining the highest level of security, safety and efficacy.

    Tailored excipients

    Sanaq R&D team, in cooperation with universities, independent organizations and CDMO partners, is able to offer customers a wide range of possibilities to meet specific demands to transform physical properties of materials.

    Just as important, Pharmatrans can help clients to meet innovative material requirements  while still maintaining the highest level of security, safety and efficacy for regulatory compliance.

    This results in a highly functional range of SANAQ® branded co-processed excipients and other ingredients that are precisely formulated to meet different pharma industry needs. These include:

    • Co-Processed Excipients: SANAQ® SL004, ML011, SP204, SP205 made from various blends of lactose monohydrate, starch, microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), colloidal silicon dioxide (CSD), alkaline stabilizer, and other ingredients.
    • Binders: MCC SANAQ®, PVP SANAQ®, Mannitol SANAQ®, MCC SANAQ® Silicified
    • Disintegrants: SSG SANAQ®, PVP-P SANAQ®
    • Lubricants: LubriSANAQ®


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