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Pharmatest to host bone metastases seminar in Boston

news-releasesPharmatest Services Ltd
September 1st 2017

Boston, USA: – Oncology and skeletal disease specialist CRO Pharmatest Services (Pharmatest) is to host an educational seminar on the role of bone metastases in combating skeletal diseases and cancers in Boston in early September.

The two and a half hour seminar; “Significance of Bone Metastases and Targeting Tumor, Bone and Immune System” will be held at the Boston Marriott Hotel, Copley Place, Boston, on September 6, starting at 8am.

Clinical and preclinical importance

The seminar will highlight the clinical and preclinical significance of bone metastases, with a keynote address Dr. Matthew Smith from Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, supported by other speakers from MassBio, Taconic Biosciences and Pharmatest.

Pharmatest offers preclinical efficacy services for the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases. In oncology Pharmatest has been the leading provider of bone metastasis models since 2005.

Improving clinical trial success

“A very large amount of oncology drugs still fail in clinical trials due to poor efficacy,” commented Pharmatest CEO Dr. Jussi Halleen.

“One important reason for this is that compound efficacy is not confirmed in clinically relevant preclinical metastasis models before entering clinical trials. This could be important because the metastatic microenvironment changes tumor properties and induces drug resistance,” Dr. Halleen explained.

“Pharmatest’s mission is to decrease the currently very high failure rates of oncology drugs in clinical trials, and we want to emphasize the importance of confirming compound efficacy in preclinical metastasis models to achieve this goal”.

Pharmatest welcomes everyone to join this educational seminar. You can find the seminar program and register from this link:

About Pharmatest

Pharmatest is a contract research organization (CRO) specializing in clinically predictive preclinical efficacy services in the therapeutic areas of oncology and skeletal diseases.

Pharmatest helps establish proof-of-efficacy of cancer drug candidates with cell culture assays, organotypic 3D models, orthotopic animal models, and disseminated cancer models. Its models of skeletal diseases include bone cell culture assays and animal models of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis that can also be used for bone safety testing.

Pharmatest’s preclinical research unit offers modern research facilities including fully equipped laboratories and barrier-type animal facilities.

The CRO has supported more than 100 clients from pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations worldwide in research to develop new therapeutics against cancer and skeletal diseases. It has also assisted many nutraceutical companies in the development of new phytopharmaceutical products.

Pharmatest has developed a proven ability to reduce costs and notably increase the speed of drug development by processing outsourced preclinical efficacy testing with maximum efficiency and providing clients with access to latest translational tools for lead validation and proof-of-concept studies in oncology and skeletal diseases.

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