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Pharmatest brings oncology insights to AACR 2017

news-releasesPharmatest Services Ltd
March 27th 2017

Turku, Finland: – Oncology and skeletal disease specialist CRO Pharmatest Services Ltd (Pharmatest) will contribute advanced immunology and oncology research insights in numerous presentations to the upcoming annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research, AACR 2017, in Washington DC.

Pharmatest is involved in eight scientific presentations and is also an exhibitor at the meeting with a stand at Booth 3538, where it will showcase its portfolio of preclinical efficacy services for the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases.

Presentations to AACR

Pharmatest Chief Operating Officer Jenni Bernoulli will make an oral presentation on ‘Importance of tumor microenvironment in the preclinical estrogen receptor positive breast cancer – Primary tumor and bone metastasis models’ in collaboration with Orion Pharma, Finland, during the conference session on Novel Approaches for Experimental Therapeutics on Tuesday April 4 at 1605-1620 in Room 144, level 1.

Pharmatest is also submitting posters on six topics:

  • ‘Preclinical efficacy model to promote immunotherapy development for prostate cancer’ (Poster presentation by Jenni Bernoulli, Monday, April 3; 0800-1200 in Section 28, poster board 11)
  • ‘A new preclinical model for immuno-oncology: Combination of tumor, bone microenvironment and immune system’ (Late-breaking poster presentation by Tiina Kähkönen in collaboration with Taconic, USA, on Monday April 3 at 1300-1700 in Section 36, poster board 4
  • ‘Immunodeficient mice differentially sensitize to estrogen and exhibit severe estrogen-related adverse effects in orthotopic breast cancer model’ (Poster presentation by Jenni Bernoulli in collaboration with Taconic, USA , on Monday April 3, 1300-1700, Section 38, poster board 25
  • ‘Drug sensitivity profile of 5TGM1 murine multiple myeloma cell line emphasizes the translational potential of the syngeneic in vivo model’ (Poster presentation by Jenni Mäki-Jouppila In collaboration with FIMM, Finland: Tuesday, April 4, 0800-1200 in Section 37, poster board 4
  • ‘Selective drug sensitivity score (DSS) for indolent and aggressive prostate cancer cell lines’ (Poster presentation by Jenni Mäki-Jouppila In collaboration with FIMM, Finland: Tuesday April 4, 1300-1700 in Section 8, poster board 3
  • ‘Additive benefits of radium-223 dichloride and bortezomib combination in a syngeneic 5TGM1 multiple myeloma mouse model’ (Poster presentation, Wednesday April 5, 0800-1200 by Mari Suominen in collaboration with Bayer AG, Germany, in Section 7, poster board 20

Face-to-face bookings

Pharmatest is further involved in a poster ‘HER2-targeted thorium-227 conjugate (HER2-TTC): Efficacy in a HER2 positive orthotopic bone model’ that will be presented by collaborator Bayer AS, Norway, on Wednesday April 5, 0800-1200 in Section 41, poster board 20.

“We’re looking forward to returning to AACR and sharing knowledge with our peers across North America and around the world,” commented Pharmatest CEO Jussi Halleen.

“We hope people will come and visit us on our stand and we’re now accepting email bookings for face-to-face meetings with our representatives at the event,” he added.

About Pharmatest

Pharmatest Services Ltd (Pharmatest) is a contract research organization (CRO) specializing in clinically predictive preclinical efficacy services in the therapeutic areas of oncology and skeletal diseases.

Pharmatest helps establish proof-of-efficacy of cancer drug candidates with cell culture assays, organotypic 3D models, orthotopic animal models, and disseminated cancer models. Its models of skeletal diseases include bone cell culture assays and animal models of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis that can also be used for bone safety testing.

Headquartered in Turku, Finland, Pharmatest’s preclinical research unit offers modern research facilities including fully equipped laboratories and barrier-type animal facilities.

The CRO has supported more than 100 clients from pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations worldwide in research to develop new therapeutics against cancer and skeletal diseases. It has also assisted many nutraceutical companies in the development of new phytopharmaceutical products.

Pharmatest has developed a proven ability to reduce costs and notably increase the speed of drug development by processing outsourced preclinical efficacy testing with maximum efficiency and providing clients with access to latest translational tools for lead validation and proof-of-concept studies in oncology and skeletal diseases.

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