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Pharmatest returns to ASBMR with four posters on bone research

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September 14th 2015

Turku, Finland: – Oncology and skeletal disease specialist CRO Pharmatest Services will present four posters on bone health and osteoclast cultures at October’s influential Annual Meeting of The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) in Seattle.

Pharmatest will be an exhibitor at the four-day meeting, widely recognized at the world’s foremost event in bone research.

Latest research results

This year Pharmatest attends ASBMR with the following four scientific presentations:

  • Poster SA0350 on Saturday, October 10, will describe ‘The Bone-Protective Effects of a Novel Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) pERD in Ovariectomized Rats’, resulting from a collaboration with Bayer AG.
  • Poster SU0176 on Sunday, October 11, ‘Epiphyseal Bone, Subchondral Bone Plate and Epiphyseal Trabecular Bone in Surgically and Chemically Induced Rat Models of Osteoarthritis’ is a result of research funded by the EUREKA Eurostars program.
  • Poster MO0212 on Monday, October 12 will provide detail on ‘Denosumab and Odanacatib as Reference Compounds in Human Osteoclast Cultures’.
  • Poster MO0348, on Monday, October 12, will share ‘The Effects of a Novel Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) pERD on Bone Health in Intact Female Rats’, also in collaboration with Bayer.

Bone specialists

Jussi Halleen, CEO of Pharmatest, welcomed the company’s return to ASBMR.
“This is probably the most useful and influential meeting in the world for scientist and researchers specializing in skeletal medicine and bone research” said Mr. Halleen.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand and to receiving feedback on our poster presentations,” he added.

Visitors to the Pharmatest stand at Booth 320 will be able to gain in depth insights into the organization’s latest work and advances in developing preclinical efficacy services for the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases.

Pharmatest is accepting advance notifications to schedule meetings with Mr. Halleen and his team at the ASBMR event. Those interested should email Pharmatest at:

About Pharmatest

Pharmatest Services Ltd (Pharmatest) is a contract research organization that offers preclinical efficacy services for the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases.

Pharmatest helps establish proof-of-efficacy of cancer drug candidates with cell culture assays, organotypic 3D models, orthotopic animal models, and disseminated cancer models. Its models of skeletal diseases include bone cell culture assays and animal models of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis that can also be used for bone safety testing.

Headquartered in Turku, Finland, Pharmatest’s preclinical research unit offers modern research facilities including fully equipped laboratories and barrier-type animal facilities.

The CRO has supported close to 100 clients from pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations worldwide in research to develop new therapeutics against cancer and skeletal diseases. It has also assisted many nutraceutical companies in the development of new phytopharmaceutical products.

Pharmatest has developed a proven ability to reduce costs and notably increase the speed of drug development by processing outsourced preclinical efficacy testing with maximum efficiency and providing clients with access to latest translational tools for lead validation and proof-of-concept studies in oncology and skeletal diseases.

About ASBMR 2015

The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research provides a world-leading forum that forms a highly-effective voice for advocacy and science policy for nearly 4,000 scientists and clinicians from 60 countries.

The society’s annual meeting attracts leading scientists, researchers and laboratories from around the globe to exchange latest scientific insights, connect with colleagues and learn about leading edge products and services.

The 2015 annual meeting will be a four day event opening October 9 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle and will feature more than 100 educational sessions, including ‘Meet-the-Professor’ events, plenary presentations and topical symposia.

Sessions of Interest include a Plenary Lecture on bone, fat and energy regulation, presented by Bruce Spiegelman, Ph.D., Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School, along with another on hypophosphatasia, presented by Michael Whyte, M.D., Washington University and Shriners Hospital for Children in St. Louis.

ASBMR 2015 will feature a pre-conference meeting: ‘Crosstalk Between Kidney and Bone: Bench to Bedside’.

More information available at:

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