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Pharmaceutical booklet printing

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May 25th 2015


Experienced pharma booklet printers

Pharma Druck Dresden (Pharma Druck) is expert in all aspects of mini-brochure and booklet production, currently printing around two million mini booklets per week.

Pharma Druck ’s production lines support approximately 2,500 orders a year from pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry manufacturers across Europe. These can meet any type of company need, ranging from product information to more complex consumer needs.

Mini booklet formats

Mini booklets are the best solution where manufacturers require ultra high quality inserts or extra information to support products.

Pharma Druck and sister company Euker Marburg can produce mini booklets up to 388 pages in all colours and a wide variety of formats. The company’s modern binding machines support high-quality “perfect bound” formats, with subsequent punching to precisely desired format.

The company’s fully automated confectioners, developed especially for this purpose, can combine booklets with accordion-fold brochures, labels or other printing goods. Main booklet categories include:

  • Mini booklets
  • Brochures up to DIN A4 format
  • Mini booklets with fold-out pages
  • Mini booklets combined with leaflets, labels and other materials

Mini booklets

Mini booklets are designed to be small and slim enough to fit into a pocket or wallet. Pharma Druck can produce booklets with full-color covers only (a cost effective option) or full color throughout for maximum impact.

Covers can be made from thicker grade paper or board, or special materials, with plastic laminate where needed. Mini booklets can also be specified with rounded corners to prevent bending or snagging. Most mini booklets are produced with ‘perfect binding’ using a glued spine.

Printing capabilities

Pharma Druck Dresden’s modern and sophisticated printing services can support a wide range of technical capabilities and booklet characteristics. These include:

  • Up to eight colors in single pass
  • Offset printing
  • Wide range of paper types
  • Glue-folded
  • Perfect bound
  • Fully automated combination with other printing goods
  • Up to three booklets combined as bundle
  • Wide size range from 12 to 388 pages
  • Spine thickness 1.5,mm to 50 mm
  • Format from 25 x 25 mm up to DIN A4


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Supplier Information
Supplier: Pharma Druck CDM GmbH
Address: Bergener Ring 35, D-01458, Ottendorf-Okrilla, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 35205 4110
Fax: +49 (0) 35205 41190

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