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Booklet specialization drives growth at PharmaDruck

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July 21st 2014

Dresden, Germany: –Increased concentration on production of its innovative insert booklets to meet high demand has fuelled growth for the specialist German pharmaceutical printer Pharma Druck.

The company has now devoted almost all its advanced printing facilities at Ottendorf-Okrilla, near Dresden, to production of production on booklets, leaving stable mate Euker Druck to specialize in leaflet and label production.

The strategy has seen a large increase in productivity and also a more than 20 per cent expansion in workforce.

Pharma Druck currently produces more than 60 million ‘perfect bound’ handy booklets and mini-brochures annually to help pharma manufacturers enhance product appeal as well as meet regulatory compliance for high readability patient information. Booklets can be produced at up to 388 pages in all colours and a wide variety of formats.

Pharma Druck’s purpose-designed and fully automated confectioners can combine booklets with accordion-fold brochures, labels or other print collateral to supplement or replace package outserts.

Booklet demand

“Our customers appreciate the intense efforts we’ve invested in perfecting our booklet formats and the powerful role these can play in enhancing overall product quality,” said Pharma Druck managing director Christian Maegerlein.

“They’ve responded by placing significantly increased orders, to the point that we’re now specialising almost 100 per cent in booklet production at Pharma Druck Dresden, Mr. Maegerlein explained.

“To improve flexibility and eliminate any possibilitiy of delays, we’ve taken on more than 15 new people in the past nine months, expanding our staff to around 65. They’re now working at an even faster pace than before to satisfy demand from customers in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium and other countries,” he added.

About PharmaDruck

Pharma Druck CDM GmbH (Pharma Druck Dresden) is a specialist secondary packaging printer for the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries.

Founded in 1992, the company is owned by the Maegerlein family, along with stable mates Eukerdruck printing and the Tec4check digital proofing company.

Pharma Druck produces a wide range of mini-booklets and other products from its modern plant in Ottendorf-Okrilla, near Dresden. The company has developed leading edge expertise in harnessing the latest printing and packaging technologies to provide innovative and highly tailored solutions to the highest international quality standards.

The company currently produces more than 60 million booklets and mini-brochures annually.

Media Contact

Robert Maegerlein, Managing Director, Pharma Druck Dresden
Tel: +49 6421 954 120


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Supplier: Pharma Druck CDM GmbH
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