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    Pharma roller compactors – Gerteis

    products-servicesGerteis Maschinen + Processengineering AG
    June 13th 2017

    Three decades of continuous innovation and product development has enabled Swiss-based Gerteis to offer one of the world’s finest ranges of pharma roller compactors.

    Gerteis pharmaceutical roller compactors such as Mini-Pactor or Macro-Pactor® and Polygran® are designed and engineered for pre-clinical and clinical dry granulation development and pilot projects but also for easy scale up to full-scale production, with throughputs ranging from 10g trial batches up to 400kg per hour.

    Pharma roller compactor design and features

    Gerteis pharma roller compactors are specifically designed to meet the dry granulation needs of the pharmaceutical industry, incorporating engineering and features that make them sufficiently versatile to process virtually all kinds of powders and granules, even the most difficult ones.

    For example, heat transfer to the compactor rollers is kept to an absolute minimum, which is especially crucial for fragile and heat sensitive substances. Additional roller cooling is available but is rarely needed with Gerteis pharma roller compactor.

    With the optional WIP/CIP cleaning and different press roller surface designs, Gerteis pharma roller compactors can be very precisely tailored to provide an optimal solution for any dry granulation application.

    Ingenious roller compactor design ensures cleaning cycles are fast and thorough, enabling rapid switching between different batches.

    Gerteis roller compactors also support ultra-high containment, meeting very low occupational exposure requirements.

    Pharma roller compactor range: five superb machines

    Gerteis offers five different pharma roller compactor solutions, tailored for a range of needs from proving laboratories to high containment production.

    Gerteis MacroPactor®: pharma roller compactor versatility

    Macro-Pactor®, Gerteis’ flagship pharma roller compactor solution, is designed and engineered for scale up from development to high speed production for pharmaceutical manufacturers, with throughputs ranging from 100g per trial up to 400kg/h and a very wide range of press force, roller speed and gap settings.

    Macro-Pactor® is engineered around an open star rotor, closed pocket type granulator with integrated bulk-breaking and precrushing for optimal compaction results. It features real-time process control, perfect sealing system to reduce uncompacted fines and complies with CFR 21 Part 11 requirements. Optional WIP/CIP cleaning features, press roller cooling/heating and a choice of knurled, smooth, toothed or custom roller surfaces allow the machine to be precisely tailored to meet the most demanding dry granulation and pharma roller compaction needs.

    Macro-Pactor® also incorporates Interfaces for pneumatic or mechanical conveyor systems, feed and discharge for high containment applications.

    Gerteis Mini-Pactor®: laboratory roller compactor

    Mini-Pactor®, Gerteis’ laboratory roller compactor solution, incorporates the same high-quality engineering and granulator design but in a more compact package designed and engineered for pharma laboratory development, while also handling pilot projects and small-scale production batches. Mini-Pactor® features constant ribbon properties, validated gap and force measurement and low OEL levels, under 3µg/m3 with the conveyer, feed and discharge interfaces needed to support high containment applications.

    Gerteis Ultra-Pactor®: high containment pharma roller compactor

    The Gerteis Ultra-Pactor® is a high-end pharma roller compactor that is designed and engineered for ultra-high containment applications, supporting OEL levels of under 0.1µg/m3, while still offering throughputs up to 400kg/h. Ultra-Pactor guarantees optimal protection for the operator against highly active and hazardous substances with glove ports, ATEX-compliancy and the ability to purge N2 into the process area. It also features permanent monitoring of all sealing and pressure zones, along with fully automated CIP facilities.

    Gerteis Polygran®: high value production pharma roller compactor

    Gerteis Polygran® is oriented towards production and value for money, featuring simplified handling and controls for high accessibility. Ingeniously engineered powder feeding and parts assembly allows Polygran® effortlessly to support medium production quantities with throughputs of up to 300kg/h.

    Gerteis Mini-Polygran®: mobile compact pharma roller compactor

    The Mini-Polygran® incorporates renowned Gerteis roller compaction technology into an ultra compact and highly mobile solution that strikes the ideal balance between performance and flexibility. The unique Polygran® setup of individual machine parts allow ultra-rapid maintenance and changeover from batch to batch, with hassle-free scale-up to production volumes of up to 50kg/h. The machine can be supplied with four-castor mobile trolley frame for flexible placement within the laboratory.

    Pharma roller compactors – Gerteis

    Gerteis Mini-Pactor®: optimized for laboratory and medium production

    Pharma roller compactors – Gerteis

    Gerteis Macro-Pactor®: flagship pharma roller compactor

    Pharma roller compactors – Gerteis

    Gerteis Mini-Polygran®: compact and mobile pharma roller compactor

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