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Phage Consultants Make First Appearance at RAFT Fermentation Conference

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November 1st 2013

Gdansk, Poland: – For the first time, specialist laboratory Phage Consultants will bring its world-class knowledge of bacteriophages to the RAFT X fermentation technology conference in Florida, USA.

The tenth Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology conference will be held on Marco Island, November 3-6. Phage will be one of the almost 40 exhibitors at the meeting, fielding a team led by its CEO, Dr. Marcin Los.

In a recent academic article, Dr. Los warned that failings in phage contamination detection, largely due to non-validated tests and lack of education, were now seriously jeopardizing research and production in fermentation and other bacterial-based processes.

Contamination Risks
Dr. Los and the Phage Consultants team will be able to share their insights on bacteriophage detection and control in Florida as well as the company’s advanced capabilities in phage contamination prevention and eradication.

“We are delighted to be attending this event, which is so important to the world of fermentation,” said Dr. Los. “Our colleagues at RAFT will be all too aware that bacteriophage contaminations form the most dangerous risks associated with bacterial fermentation and that there are very few experienced specialists in phage prevention and eradication.”

“We believe that our experiences in troubleshooting and prevention of any type of phage contamination in fermentations will be of huge interest to this conference.”

“We are particularly keen to talk to heads of fermentation facilities, especially process engineers, production managers, technicians and scientists associated with the process control, along with quality control and quality assurance teams.”

“Some of these conversations may only just be in time – autumn is the peak season for phage contamination risks,” Dr. Los added.

About Phage Consultants
Phage Consultants specialise in bacteriophage infection and contamination control and assisting companies whose production is based on microbial activities with fighting and preventing phage, bacterial, fungal and viral contaminations.

Phage Consultants panel of experts are specialists in the field of bacteriophage (phage) biology with specific expertise on phage activity in bioprocessing. Its team provides a unique service for customers, offering a range of services from personal training to consulting and process optimization in aspect of phage growth limitation as well as advising and assisting clients in the development of new production facilities. In addition, Phage Consultants also offer Contract Research Services, Contract Phage Manufacturing and Phage Purification Services.

Phages, viruses that infect bacteria, were first discovered around 1915 and have played a unique role in viral biology. The use of bacteriophages has played a prominent role in elucidating DNA viral reproduction through lytic and lysogenic cycles. They have been used for almost a century as alternatives to antibiotics and can have therapeutic effect against multi-drug-resistant strains of many bacteria.

About RAFT
The Recent Advances in Fermentation Technology (RAFT) conference provides a forum for industrial and academic scientists to discuss the latest developments in fermentation as applied in research and industry.

The conference is one of a series of specialist meetings sponsored by America’s Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. The first RAFT conference was held in San Diego in 1995 and held every two years since.

This tenth RAFT conference (RAFT X) will take place at the Marco Island Marriott hotel, Marco Island, FL, between November 3 and November 6, 2013. The conference will feature an exhibition, exhibitor showcases and a full program of presentations including keynote addresses from Prof. Matthew P. DeLisa of Cornell University and Dr. Robert D. Schwartz, formerly of Abbott Laboratories.

Phage Consultants
Dr. Marcin Los, CEO
Tel: +48 503 636 224

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