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    Optimized Protein Expression in Escherichia coli (E. coli)

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    October 1st 2018

    enGenes Biotech has developed Intellectual Property (IP) and has patents pending on its enGenes-X-press™ technology which forms a growth-decoupled microbial protein production system for optimized protein expression in Escherichia coli (E. coli).

    This prokaryotic protein expression system allows enGenes Biotech to offer a range of highly relevant products and services to companies seeking develop cost-effective manufacturing processes for recombinant proteins. Overall, the technology is able to speed-up upstream process development timelines, reduces manufacturing costs through increasing product titers and enables more effective downstream processing due to high specific product yields (“more product with less biomass” due to the growth decoupled technology feature).

    enGenes-X-Press optimized protein expression system

    The world-leading enGenes-X-press technology for growth-decoupled protein production allows enGenes to develop economic, scalable and efficient production processes within short time frames to make unique biotech products commercially viable. It forms a next-generation E. coli expression platform that allows for scalable production of difficult-to-express or even “toxic” recombinant proteins at a fraction of their current cost. Patents are pending on X-press technology as a growth-decoupled microbial protein production system. enGenes is also developing IP in related research fields, such as continuous bioprocessing, improved plasmid vector expression systems and antibiotic resistance-free plasmid selection for recombinant protein production to complement and assists its enGenes-X-press core technology and to cover all aspects of cutting-edge bioprocessing technologies.

    The enGenes-X-press technology has been proven to be fully scalable (current scale established at client’s facility >2000 L) and can be implemented easily into any bioproduction facility.

    enGenes protein expression service

    Based on this extensive knowledge and method portfolio, enGenes can deliver improved host cell lines, plasmid expression vectors and optimized production processes to maximize overall bioprocess efficacy.

    Customized project plans also responds to individual documentation requirements to support easy technology transfer to clients’ own facilities and quality management systems.

    enGenes performs and initiates projects at different scales and product life cycle stages. Fermentation scales range from microliter scale, to 30 L lab scale to even pilot scale. Up- and Down-stream processes can be developed from the scratch or existing processes can be re-evaluated and improved to meet expected process economics.

    enGenes X-press technology forms the key building block in a modular system of customer services for gene expression and optimized protein production in E. coli and other prokaryotes, such as Bacillus subtilis.

    The enGenes optimised protein expression service, focused on difficult-to-express proteins, is divided into a series of steps covering all specific demands along the line from gene to protein.

    These steps can be performed either individually or in combination, according to customer preferences and include:

    • Cloning / Vector optimization
    • Generation of expression strain and host cell engineering
    • Feasibility studies for enGenes-X-press technology
    • Upstream and Downstream process development from lab to pilot scale
    • Tech transfer to Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) or non-GMP in-house production

    Along with the regular project updates, clients also receive step-by-step progress reports with detailed documentation to comply with their internal quality systems.

    In the last 5 years enGenes Biotech has developed cost-effective manufacturing solutions for the production of recombinant proteins in E. coli. Obtaining high litres of soluble protein in E. coli can be challenging, especially at grams per litre scale. enGenes has assisted several companies to establish cost-effective manufacturing processes and has generated substantial yield improvements by providing a cutting-edge expression technology and extensive bioprocess know-how and understanding.

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