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NordiQC gives ‘optimal’ rating to Nordic BioSite Optibodies™

news-releasesNordic BioSite AB
September 15th 2015

Täby, Sweden: – Nordic BioSite, the leading Scandinavian supplier of validated biotechnology products, has received top quality ratings on three of its Optibody series of optimized antibodies.

The ratings were produced by NordiQC, the independent scientific organization that promotes the quality of immunohistochemistry by arranging schemes for pathology laboratories, assessing tissue based assays, giving guidelines for improvement and providing good protocols.

Optimal results

The latest series of Nordic Immunohistochemical Quality Control (NordiQC) test ‘runs’ has resulted in the top ‘optimal’ seal of approval for the Nordic BioSite Optibodies™ CKpan (Cytokeratin), Synaptophysin (SYP) and Napsin A.

NordiQC Run 41 provided an optimal result for CKpan (Clone BS5) as a broad-spectrum cytokeratin antibody optimized for renal cell carcinoma diagnostics, offering strong intensity with no background and unspecific label.

There was also an optimal result in NordiQC Run 43 for Synaptophysin (Clone BS15), optimized for muscularis propria of appendix, showing great affinity with strong and intensive staining. Axons and ganglion cells stained strongly as well as neurons in lamina propria of appendix. Goblet cells in crypts also stained with great intensity.

Run 44 showed a similar ‘pass’ for Napsin A, (Clone BS10) as a differential marker of the lung adenocarcinoma vs. squamous cell carcinoma. This Optibody offered excellent staining specificity and intensity.

Clinically important markers

“Our experts have been continuously working with new, clinically important markers. As part of an overall quality control process, our lab takes part in external quality assurance programs for immunohistochemistry,” said Dr. Teppo Haapaniemi, head of BioSiteHisto GLP-laboratory.

“Immunohistochemical protocols with Optibodies™ have again been awarded excellent results in NordiQC schemes. We would like to promote the standardization and quality of immunohistochemistry of our laboratory with Optibodies™, which fulfil the optimal staining criteria of immunohistochemistry according to the NordiQC assessments,” Dr. Haapaniemi added.

SOX10 melanoma addition

A further Nordic BioSite Optibody undergoing NordiQC assessment in Run 45, due to report in December, is SOX10, the newest and one of the most potent members of the Optibodies™-series. SOX10 (Clone: BS7) is a valuable addition for terms for melanoma diagnostics. As opposed to the Melan A and HMB-45, SOX10 is an effective marker of desmoplastic and spindle cell melanoma.

We also offer new interesting lymphoma related Optibodies™; CD7, CD20 and CD23. These antibodies offer great signal to noise ratio with intensive and specific staining, and they are a very welcome supplement in our collection.

Another interesting new Optibody is α-smooth muscle actin (Clone: BS66), which has great potential to work on many kind of different staining platforms. It has also gained good results from NordiQC, showing strong and specific staining intensity, making it an excellent research choice.

About Nordic BioSite

Since the late 1990s, Nordic BioSite has become recognized as one of the pharma industry’s most innovative and customer-responsive supplier of high quality validated biotechnology products for research, diagnostics, immunology and molecular biology.

The company serves pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and academic organizations with tens of thousands of different products in more than 30 different groups, ranging from antibodies to genetic vectors. These are sourced from selected manufacturers and laboratories in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Nordic BioSite continuously introduces new products as a result of its own R&D, leveraged by close partnerships with manufacturers and feedback from customers.

Nordic BioSite’s company strapline, By Your Side™, defines a company ethos of partnering life science customers, helping to find the right products and services to help reach chosen goals across the whole spectrum of biotech research areas.

Nordic BioSite also operates as a CRO through its Finnish-based cGLP laboratory, BioSiteHisto. This offers a wide range of leading-edge research-based custom laboratory services including histology, immunochemistry, in vitro research and testing, antibody optimization, antibody conjugation and predesigned adenylated linkers for Next Generation sequencing.

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