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Nordic BioSite signs distribution agreement with Streck

news-releasesNordic BioSite AB
May 17th 2017

Täby, Sweden and Omaha, USA: – Nordic BioSite, and Streck, Inc., a life sciences manufacturer in the U.S., have signed a distribution agreement. Nordic BioSite will be the sole distributor of all Streck products. Streck manufactures hematology, immunology and molecular biology products for clinical and research laboratories. Recognized worldwide as the leader in cell stabilization, Streck focuses on the development of quality control and diagnostic products to help meet the fast-paced needs of clinical laboratories.

“Our continued commitment is to provide innovative solutions that address customer and market demands. Streck’s products are top of their league and market leading,” said Yvonne Zar, CEO at Nordic BioSite. “We are pleased to represent Streck in the Nordics and conveniently supply clinicians and life science researchers with Streck’s product ranges.”

Nordic BioSite is a supplier of products for research and diagnostic, Immunology and Molecular Biology, to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic. Moreover, together with its laboratory facility, BioSiteHisto, offers a wide range of custom services. BioSiteHisto optimize and fine-tune antibodies for the needs of the clinical IHC laboratory. Only antibodies that fulfil the criteria of optimal staining pattern are incorporated in our premium product portfolio – Optibodies™. This product line will assist pathologists worldwide with optimal staining resulting in an important diagnostic tool.

About Nordic BioSite

Now in business for 20 years, Nordic BioSite is recognized as a leader in supply of products for research and diagnostic, Immunology and Molecular Biology, to Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Diagnostic and to academic researchers. Continuously, Nordic BioSite introduces many novel products as a result of the research and development with our partners and the feedback from our customers. Through the development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of our products our aim is to facilitate your research. For more information:

About Streck, Inc.

Established in 1971, Streck develops and manufactures products for clinical and research laboratories. Streck’s passion for innovation, quality and service has allowed the organization to become a world leader in the development of quality control and diagnostic products that help laboratories ensure accurate and timely results for patients. Streck offers the industry’s leading automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate instrument and is a worldwide supplier of blood collection tubes that standardize methods for sample collection, stabilization and transportation. Expanding product lines include flow cytometry, body fluids and urinalysis with emerging products being developed for the burgeoning field of molecular diagnostics. For more information

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