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July 5th 2023

Over more than 40 years, the uncompromising quality of tableting punches and dies from Natoli Engineering Company, Inc. has helped establish the company as a leader in the world of pharma tablet compression manufacturing.

Natoli offers a very wide range of punches and dies in all shapes, sizes in formats, ranging from simple to highly complex, but all crafted with micro-precision and the highest quality materials to prolong tablet compression tool life, ensure efficient operation and maximize product yield. It can also customize dies and punches to meet the exact requirements for customer’s products and process.

Extensive portfolio

Natoli manufactures standard and specialty tooling in a comprehensive range of B and D configurations to suit almost every platform, including IMA Comprima or Kilian type, and specialized application, such as 3D exotics or micro-tabs.

Products meet either the American TSM standard or the EU or Euronorm standard, all capable of being delivered worldwide.

Natoli’s portfolio of punch and die offerings includes:

  • Carbide Tip Punches: Hardened tips protect against accelerated wear due to abrasive granules such as those encountered in nutraceuticals to maintain tablet quality and increase tool life up to 500%.
  • Custom Punches and Dies: an almost infinite variety of tablet press-specific and single station tooling can be custom-manufactured to customer’s exact specifications and requests.
  • Dust Cups and bellows: Any punch can be fitted with one of Natoli’s optional dust cups offered in both standard or barrel styles that will isolate the punch tip and prevent oil and debris from contaminating the granulate.
  • Lined Dies: Carbide or ceramic lined or insert dies can dramatically increase tool life (by 5-10 times) when compressing abrasive and corrosive formulations, while also reducing friction and enhancing table quality.
  • Multi-Tip Punches: Natoli’s assembly-style multi-tip punches, consisting of punch body, cap and tips, can significantly increase tablet production, reduce press run time and cut operating costs. Natoli can also provide solid multi-tip punches with further advantages in reduced risk of cross contamination, corrosion and simplified assembly and cleaning.
  • Special Tip Configurations: Natoli has the expertise needed to match punch tip configuration to application, covering the whole range including short tip straights and undercut punch tips, bakelite relief and more.
  • Rotating Head Punches: Natoli’s rotating head punches can significantly extend the life of shaped and multi-tip tooling with fixed key positions by providing more bearing surface for reduced head wear and back angle gouging, while also increasing tablet press operation speed, and minimizing weight variations.
  • Die table segments: Natoli can also supply Die Table Segments for Fette Tablet Presses that are engineered to eliminate the need for individual dies and die lock screws to increase production rates by up to 25% through streamlined process and gaining more die stations per turret/press. Natoli can manufactures die table segments in various configurations including standard round, multi-tip, carbide-lined or special shapes.

High quality steel and coatings

Natoli maintains the largest inventory and selection of steel in the industry, with more than 16 different grades of punch and die steel on-hand at all times, to ensure consistent quality and availability.

Every Natoli punch and die is produced from steel that matches stringent quality specifications, has been quarantined and thoroughly tested, and sent through computerized vacuum internal quench heat-treating systems.

We also offer a variety of specialty punch tool coatings and treatments to enhance corrosion protection, wear resistance or product release. Again capable of being optimized to exact product requirements, these coatings and treatments can further increase tool life and product yields to maximize production efficiency.

Holistic service

Tooling design is inextricably linked with tablet design and Natoli can not only design tools to maximize performance and optimize tool life but also help customers with their product development phases, including development of more efficient and effective tablet designs.

This holistic Natoli approach allows customers to develop tablet designs that increase efficiency and effectiveness based on their product requirements and manufacturing capabilities.

Natoli’s end-to-end services are supported by its in-house Scientific Division that offers advanced laboratory services to develop optimum tableting, product formulation, and tooling solutions, as well as its unique Metallurgy Division that can suggest materials and treatments to significantly improve customers’ manufacturing processes.


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Natoli Engineering Punches & Dies

Natoli Engineering offers a holistic and integrated approach to tooling and tableting.

Natoli Engineering Punches & Dies

Natoli’s solid multi-tip punch and die sets offer manufacturing advantages.

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